Proofing sRGB in a Wide Gamut

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Proofing sRGB in a Wide Gamut


I've upgraded from an iMac to an Eizo monitor which covers the Adobe RGB space.

I calibrated the monitor to its native gamut with an i1Display Pro.

The monitor comes with an sRGB profile too. I also calibrated that profile.

The question I have is this: When I'm working in Capture One software and I proof the image with the ICC profile set to sRGB, I see no difference whatsoever, no matter how far I push the image in its reds and greens.

When I view the same image in Capture One but flip my monitor to sRGB mode, I see a quite muted colours, not just on the overly saturated image, but on any image.

Am I wrong to think that proofing an image in Capture One for the web (sRGB ICC profile) while in the monitors native gamut should show me the same result as looking at the same image on my monitor when in sRGB colourspace?

If so, what is the sRGB profile that comes with the monitor for? In the monitors manual, it says we should work in the sRGB gamut for web work. Not sure if that mean graphics only or includes photos too.

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