DA* 16-50 / 2.8 Opinion

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Lotz Forum Member • Posts: 58
DA* 16-50 / 2.8 Opinion

I own this lens now for several years.

SDM works pretty well. A friend of mine got his SDM replaced an since then also his lens works fine.

From wide open (F/2.8) to stopped down this lens gives very very sharp images. Wide open, there is - especially at 16mm - some softness in the corner, but it is way better than what you can see from lots of other wide aperture wide angle zooms.

At harsh contrasts against bright light, there is the tendency to blue CA, which can normally be easily corrected in post by one or two clicks. So not really an issue.

At 50mm f/2.8 razor sharp also at close focus, so works quite well as a "nearly" macro. Also perfect for portraiture at that focal length.

For me, a lens that delivers very solid, professional image quality.

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Pentax smc DA* 16-50mm F2.8 ED AL (IF) SDM
Zoom lens • Pentax KAF2 • 21650
Announced: Feb 21, 2007
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Pedro Ernesto Guerra Azevedo
Pedro Ernesto Guerra Azevedo Senior Member • Posts: 1,355
Re: DA* 16-50 / 2.8 Opinion

All your photos are very beautiful on flickr and thanks for reviewing the DA* 16/50  2.8 lens

Pedro Ernesto Guerra Azevedo
Santos - São Paulo - Brasil

tassosDA Contributing Member • Posts: 507
Re: DA* 16-50 / 2.8 Opinion

Unfortunately I broke my own16-50 a few years ago and replaced it with the 16-85. Although I like the the longer zoom, I miss the constant aperture and the beautiful output of the 16-50! If they bring out a newer version ,I’ll probably buy it.

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edwinD Regular Member • Posts: 273
Re: DA* 16-50 / 2.8 Opinion

Love the lens, SDM quit a few years ago and converted to screwdrive. Its my go to lens along with DA50-135 and F*300.

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OP Lotz Forum Member • Posts: 58
Re: DA* 16-50 / 2.8 Opinion

Fully agree!

This is my mostly used standard zoom lens and is for sure always accompanied by the wonderful DA* 50-135/2.8. From time to time i whish the 50-135 to have a bit a longer reach, maybe 50-150. But the constant f/2.8 make both lenses such  competitive performers.


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aiki76 Junior Member • Posts: 29
Re: DA* 16-50 / 2.8 Opinion

I really like my DA*16-50, but I can't wait for the new version, should arrive soon (hopefully together with K3III, the next February).

The biggest limitation of the current version is, in my opinion, the bad resistance to flare, so that it's quite difficult shooting with the sun into the frame, unless it is almost completely covered by objects (a mountain, for example). Only in that case, the lens give great flare images, with very pleasant sunstars.

The other limitation is the autofocus, that is relativey sow and fragile (so that lot of people has to convert the lens to a vintage technology like screw drive).

So, my guess for the new, is new HD coating with great resistance to flare and new, modern, AF

For all the other aspects I really like the lens, it's a professional lens with very good color redention and resolution (that sould be better too in the new version)



(see my flickr page for example of use of this lens)

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