One crowded sunrise...

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One crowded sunrise...

Hi everyone, after my morning out a few days ago playing around with the Highres mode on the EM1ii I was up again early this morning and headed over to the beach to try a few things out.

Another photographer was already set up when I arrived, so a quick hello and I asked if I could quickly grab this one without getting in his way.

As you can see there are no clouds to speak of this morning so I decided to focus on details and some motion blur.

Also I was intending to crop most of the images into form that my wife might find agreeable for enlarging.

By the time I finished playing around with the rocks, and with today being Australia Day down here, and a public holiday people had arrived from everywhere to capture an image of sunrise. The rock the tower sits on was covered with people grabbing selfies and the like. And a half dozen other photographers with cameras where also poking around.

A very small band of cloud was starting to catch the light to the south, and I had intended to photograph the tower with the clouds as a background. However the number of people ended that idea, so I moved away to find a little bit of space.

I ended up shooting a few of this composition, just hoping for a wave or two to wash up the beach at the right time.

I would have liked to move a little more to the right but it was covered with people. I had to ask one lady to walk around the other side of my camera when taking this one.

She was nice about as her husband was taking photographs off to my right.

Soon enough the number of people and surfers entering the water had me shooting straight out to sea, to avoid them.

Even then some people have no awareness of whats around them, and the two girls walked into my framing as the exposure had started.

Turned out to be one of my favourite images of the morning as they remained still enough to make the image for me.

So a lovely morning out and I learnt a little more about the Highres mode on the Em1ii.

Happy Australia Day all.


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Re: One crowded sunrise...

Beautiful set of shots Stephen!

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OP stephent Veteran Member • Posts: 4,144
Re: One crowded sunrise...

Thanks mate, glad you enjoyed them.


Jakob Malm
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Re: One crowded sunrise...

Wonderful photos, booth colours and compositions. For me, personally, people in the photo is often what adds that last bit of something to a nice setting, definitely so with the last one.

Thanks for the story telling, too!

OP stephent Veteran Member • Posts: 4,144
Re: One crowded sunrise...

Thanks Jakob, I am always in two minds if I should add a story when I post images. If I believe it adds some context to the images I will, so I am glad you enjoyed it.

As for the people, in urban landscapes I like them in the image most of the time, other times mostly not. However it the last image of my post the girls certainly add to the image, make it really. They could not have walked into a better spot, and then to remain still as they did made the image for me 

Thanks mate...


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