Return/Keep/Sell on used Nikon D300?

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Return/Keep/Sell on used Nikon D300?

I recently purchased a used Nikon D300 from Ebay (admittedly it was a slight accident but i'll live) and it arrived today. Up until this point i've only used the cheaper "beginners" DSLRs and thought I might benefit from some of the extra features the D300 provides

I was very pleased with the overall condition of the thing (seemed to be 99% pristine) but when I checked the shutter count, it was a lotmore than i expected given the condition (a little over 120k  ) Given the exceptional condition of the thing, is there any chance this would somehow be a mistake/the shutter was replaced/the whole thing was refurbished?

Clearly I'm a little worried about this as I feel this could hurt its resale value (or even the ability to resell it) or it might break a lot sooner than I might've expected.

1) Would there be any way I could check if anything was broken/close to breaking?
2) Might it be worth returning it and looking for another copy with a lower shutter count? I kind of don't want to this as it seems like a lot of hassle for the seller just to end up back at square 1 for him.

3) Would anyone in their right mind (aside from me ofc) actually buy anything with a shutter count this high (asking as I would hope to resell if I kept it for a while)?

If anyone would provide some guidance regarding this, it would be much appreciated. 

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Nikon D300
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Alex Ethridge
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Re: Return/Keep/Sell on used Nikon D300?

Shutter life expectancy for the D300 is 150K cycles. Can the seller furnish proof of shutter replacement?

If the seller made that claim and cannot show proof, I would return it.

It's an excellent camera but it is dated.  I had the D300s.  Loved its output.

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Re: Return/Keep/Sell on used Nikon D300?

How much did you pay? That's the whole question to consider...

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