Sigma 35mm or canon 35mm

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Sigma 35mm or canon 35mm


I need to know your experience with sigma 35mm? I am reading it has calibration issues and need to fix that . how bad is it? can we calibrate it at home ?

Want to use for NB photography.


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Re: Sigma 35mm or canon 35mm

Hello, Sigma has three 35mm, and I believe that they can all be calibrated in various ways using USB Docks which they sell cheaply in each mount.

I’m guessing you mean the SLR lens, the Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM. If it’s being used on a Canon SLR then it will likely need to be calibrated since they tend to calibrate them to the most common camera, whereas Canon doesn’t calibrate all the cameras the same.

If it’s being used on a mirrourless camera, though, the focus calibration becomes unnecessary since the focus is read from the sensor. The docks do allow preference changes to speed of focus and other characteristics, too, though.

I hope that helps

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Re: Sigma 35mm or canon 35mm

Both are great lenses. You don't state which body you use but assuming it's full frame you can fix minor focus issues in camera. If it's a Rebel series you cannot. If the lens requires more than your body can adjust, with the Canon you have to send it in to be serviced. With SIgma you can use their USB doc and do it at home. This also gives you the ability to update the lens firmware easily.

I personally would have no hesitation going with the Sigma Art series. The only real hesitation I have is whether or not you see yourself going mirrorless in the near future. Third party lenses don't always work with adapters so the Canon is more likely to play well in the future.

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