Best old micro 4/3 for video

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Best old micro 4/3 for video

Hello, I've done mostly still photography, but want to start shooting more video, (mostly nature scenery, wildlife, possibly people hiking, & timelapses kind of stuff) and im looking to pick up an older m4/3 as my main video camera, preferably something compact, light & under $250. Im planning on working in 1080, 60p fps would be nice, but interlaced would work too. I have a pentax k10d as my main stills camera & would like to use my lens kit from it, most of which are manual focus, so I don't care about AF performance. Good low light performance would be nice, but im not sure if I'll be able to get that in my price range. Any recommendations on a camera like that? Recommendations of good cheap wide (wider then 16mm) micro 4/3 lens would also be welcome. Thank you.

Pentax K-1 Pentax K10D
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Alex Ethridge
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Lumix GH2
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Re: Lumix GH2

Alex Ethridge wrote:

Lumix GH2 Review

Prices on e-bay


The premium video series in M4/3 is the Panasonic GH.

I used to shoot low light videos of badgers in my garden with a GH2.  It was a pretty good camera although I didn't like the single control wheel.  Relatively poor dynamic range and higher noise compared with current M4/3 sensors, but I used to shoot videos at ISO 3200 with no visible noise.

The GH2 was a significant improvement on the GH1.  The GH3 was better still but is probably above your budget.

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Chris R

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Re: Lumix GH2

I agree about the GH series. In general, the Panny models will do better than the Olys at the same price for video work. Check for IBIS, and the mic or headphone jacks you need, etc. too.

For a "cheap" 16mm look at the Rokinon Cine 16mm; I think it comes in T2.2 or 2.4 and is  moderately priced.

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Davinci Resolve free for video editing

Being on a budget, you hopefully already know about Blackmagic's free Davinci Resolve video editing tool

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