Footage - Contaflex Pro-Tessar on Fuji S-X10 for Macro

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Footage - Contaflex Pro-Tessar on Fuji S-X10 for Macro


so I was testing for quite some time for a cheap and quick macro solution. The problem most of us are facing with bellows, tubes or lens-reversion is uneven light-falloff, very bad distortion and very bad corner sharpness in most cases.

Now, I am collecting a lot of old cameras and recently got some Zeiss Contessa bodies that came with a few lenses. The way the Zeiss Contessa works is that you basically have a "main lens" in the camera body which is always the same, however you can switch the "outer lens", for example from a 50mm Tessar 2.8 to a 35mm and so on. For a more technical description just google it.

Zeiss Contaflex

The Contessa uses basically lenses that are not complete, which makes this very interesting for DIY Macro work, because since the back element is "missing" there is no distortion. It's the cheapest Zeiss glass available, usually under $10 per lens on ebay.

Pro-Tessar 35mm f/3.2

Here some test footage - keep in mind that the lens is not really attached to the camera, it's just pressed against a FX-M42 adapter - ungraded footage at the end.

While the fist shots are being made by the lens in its usual orientation, the last shots of the cigarette-ash up-close are made by pressing the front-element of the lens against the adapter, which gives you about 3x times more magnification.

Now in order to keep everything within 3-5mm more or less sharp I put an aperture into the adapter set to about f11 which gives my usable results.

Aperture from a 1916s Lucky Anastigmat

The next step would be attaching a M24 screw-mount both at the back and the front of the lens so everything is symmetrical, because now it's acting more like a tilt-shift macro.

So far this setup even without proper attachment beats my Zeiss 1.4 with extension tubes. I'll update the thread once I move on with the project. If you have any questions let me know.



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