Windows update problem...

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geophotoguy Junior Member • Posts: 41
Windows update problem...

I downloaded and installed the most recent Windows Cumulative update a few days this message:

Error encountered...some update files are missing or have problems...we'll try to download the update again later (error code: 0x8007000d).

The online Microsoft Support describes this error as very common and provided a "fix"...using the Command Prompt.

After spending hours trying to find the Command Prompt I finally discovered it was now the Windows Powershell...!

As per the MS Support instructions, I completed the DISM.exe command and completed the Imagescan...said no corrupt files!  How can this be since the error code specifically is for corrupted files?

I then did the Restorehealth command...said was successful and Health had been restored.

I rebooted my PC and did the Windows update again...exact same error message!

Can anyone help...or do I just wait and forget about it until the next update?

First time I have ever had a problem with an Update...

I look forward to any suggestions...

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Patco Forum Pro • Posts: 15,075
Re: Windows update problem...

geophotoguy wrote:

After spending hours trying to find the Command Prompt I finally discovered it was now the Windows Powershell...!

Windows 10 has both Command Prompt and Powershell.
You can find the Command Prompt in the Start Menu under Windows System, or simply start typing "Command Prompt" in the search box.

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bmoag Senior Member • Posts: 2,792
Re: Windows update problem...

And you have to use Administrator rights (windows power shell(admin).

But that likely won't fix your problem because sometimes an update is just defective, not compatible with some specific piece of software or registry setting or who knows what. For example I own a Surface 7 and it took Microsoft something like 6 months to get 20H2 to install on its own hardware.

Somewhere down the line it gets fixed in a subsequent update. Or not.

The good news is outside of major security updates most Windows updates are infinitely ignorable and even the major security updates are not all that important for the vast majority of individual/home users.

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