looking to mark several open Safari windows by importance

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looking to mark several open Safari windows by importance

This is more of a general Mac question, but I am a photographer who needs a little bit of advice....
I have a tendency to constantly keep 5 or 6-7 Safari windows open on my Imac with 10 or more tabs in each one of them. Usually I try to group the tabs into separate windows by importance or subject like: fulfilling orders, research, personal crap and other more or less important subjects.

The problem I have is pretty obvious: I always have a hard time finding the windor that I am looking for, just because thy all look the same way.

Is there a way to somehow mark the top part of each window with a different color, which would be clerly visible on the screan?
Or perhaps to give each window a number or letter and with a click of a key have them all line up on the screen alphabetically or numerically?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


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Re: looking to mark several open Safari windows by importance

There are some features and also recent changes to Safari that should make this easier for you. If you are using the latest Safari:

If you right-click a tab, a menu pops up saying Arrange Tabs By: Title, or Website

If you have numerous tabs open and have no idea what is what, hold the mouse over a tab and a visual preview will pop up.

You can now "pin" tabs. If you drag a tab all the way to the left, it turns into a "pinned" tab (always present in a new browser window) using the website's favicon for easy visual reference. If you pin several websites, you end up with a row of icons that maintain their arrangement across windows and sessions.

If you open Safari Preferences and click on the Tabs panel, there is a preference "Use Command-1 through Command-9 to switch tabs." If that is switched on, then you can use those shortcuts to go straight to any of the first 9 tabs in the frontmost Safari window. If that is switched off, then Command-1 through Command-9 open the first 9 items on your Favorites Bar if you have set that up (View/Show-Hide Favorites Bar).




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Re: looking to mark several open Safari windows by importance

Mission control perhaps? Perhaps combined with spaces.

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