Installing Canon DPP4 on Linux using Wine

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Installing Canon DPP4 on Linux using Wine

I wasn't really sure where to put this, but I thought it might help someone. Most people probably use Windows or Mac, but for those of us who like Linux and don't want to dual boot or run Windows in a VM, here is how I got Canon Digital Photo Professional working on Linux using Wine. I'm not going to go into a detailed overview of how to use Wine, just the extra tricks I needed to get this program working.

  1. I downloaded the 32-bit version of dppw4.11 from Canon.
  2. If you look at the WineHQ entry for DPP4, the comments mention that you need to install msxml3 and dotnet45 using winetricks. This newer version of DPP4 actually needs dotnet471, so install that instead of dotnet45.
  3. I have Wine 5.0.2 installed on my system. Apparently there is a bug in recent versions that makes the installer fail, because it thinks it doesn't have administrator privileges. So instead, I installed PlayOnLinux (a frontend for Wine that lets you pick different Wine versions) and installed DPP4 using Wine 2.0.5. The installer finished all the steps but warned that it wasn't installed correctly at the end. I ignored this and continued on.
  4. When installation has finished, select Dpp4Main.exe from the list to create a launcher.
  5. Wine 2.0.5 wouldn't run the program after installing it, so in PlayOnLinux I switched back to the system Wine version (5.0.2), which runs it fine.

Pretty roundabout, but worth the effort in my opinion. Hopefully this will help someone else. If a moderator thinks this belongs in a different forum, feel free to move it.

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