Capture One-PS / Adobe LR-PS / Adobe ACR-PS workflows

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Capture One-PS / Adobe LR-PS / Adobe ACR-PS workflows

Hi All,

I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around workflows for these various software packages, mainly in terms of file management. Perhaps some of you can explain this simply to me, and I'll explain what I'm currently doing (which I'm sure is clunky and somewhat time-wasting).

Currently: I have a copy of CS6, so I open my Nikon NEF files in Adobe Bridge (ACR), make edits on color, clarity, exposure etc., and any major lens corrections (verticals, keystoning, lens profile, CA, etc.), then open to Photoshop. I use photoshop to do any clone removals, patching, or masking of bracketed images etc. I then crop as needed and export as TIFF or JPEG, and am usually done here. Occasionally I'll open the TIFF again in ACR to make additional tweaks. What is nice about this is my NEF files and any edits to the raw files in ACR (saved as XMP files) are all in the same source folder, and I can just copy them around where I want i.e. to backup on a hard drive.

I know C1 and LR use a sessions/library system that I don't fully understand. It appears with C1 it is fairly easy to move session folders around to wherever you want on your system or backups, but is it this straightforward with LR? I don't really understand how the library system works in Lightroom. (I'm old school and simply manually back up my folders to external hard drives, so being able to drag/drop or copy/paste files from my computer to external drive makes the most sense to me...this is probably an antiquated method also!).

TLDR: Basically, I'd like to upgrade to some of the new functionality built in to LR vs. my older ACR from CS6, but as I'd have to learn the new software anyways, maybe I should look at C1 to avoid the subscription model. Can I use C1 to do the  majority of my raw file edits, and then do further edits in my older CS6 as needed? Do those play well together?

Does C1 add support for new cameras/lenses as they are available, or do you have to purchase the newest version of C1 every few years to receive the updated raw file or lens profile support?

Are either Lightroom/PS or C1/Photoshop better for handling bracket images where I want to manually blend vs. HDR?

Thanks for reading this jumbled mess of questioning!

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Re: Capture One-PS / Adobe LR-PS / Adobe ACR-PS workflows

I have also ACR and full CS6

I find it fine and know professionals and published academics that are also pro shooters that use older versions than this who say it's all you need, the new stuff isn't really that fundamentally different when it comes down to it and much of it is fluff and gimmicks.

I shoot a Fuji X-T2 now so ACR and even DNG converter don't support it.  So instead i use the free capture one express which is as good as ACR but a little slower and less intuitive at first, but is fine.  Then open up in CS6.  I have zero issues but the X-T2 JPEGS are so darned good most of the time ad can be edited like a RAW file from a while back in CS6 they seem so flexible that I mostly use JPEG only now and only RAW if low light, challenging conditions etc.....

TLDR = yes C1 express is fine, takes a little longer to learn (not much) and is less intuitive but is very good, as functional as ACR with no functions missing that ACR has and it does not.

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Re: Capture One-PS / Adobe LR-PS / Adobe ACR-PS workflows

I agree what I have is mostly fine, the main features I think I'd like and would save me time are the lens corrections for verticals/keystoning (you can just draw on the image to align converging lines vs. having to drag sliders), and the gradient/radial filters.

The other thing is future camera current D750 and DJI M2P drone seem to work well with CS6 and ACR, but if I were ever to change to, say, the Nikon Z system, I think I'd have to upgrade to get raw file support? I guess a DNG converter may be possible...

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