What do you do with your photos?

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Rob J
Rob J Contributing Member • Posts: 559
What do you do with your photos?

Over the many years that I have been behind a camera lens I've accumulated a fairly large portfolio of what I consider to be good photographs. Mostly they just sit gathering dust on my hard drives. Occasionally I'll print one but it's no good having a pile of prints lying around. There is only so much wall space, so not many get hung for display.

I used to enter photos in gallery shows and have had several in past shows, but galleries are not open for public shows much these days. Hopefully that will return soon. I miss art galleries, not only for showing but also for seeing work by other artists and photographers in a gallery setting.

I don't do Instagram or any of the social media sites, for a variety of reasons. I DO have photos on YouTube as well as having a personal website but other than that, no one sees my photos. It sometimes feels pointless but the drive to continue to shoot is still strong and I think I'll always be a photographer whether others see my work or not.

What about you? What do YOU do with your photos?

My latest YouTube "gallery".


Wingsfan Regular Member • Posts: 489
Re: What do you do with your photos?

Mine are on my hard drive or one of my backup drives.Nothing more organized than that...

Pretty much all of my photos will never be seen by anyone but me, and I'm OK with that. Photohraphy is a therapeutic process for me most of the time.

But with a spouse diagnosed with what turns out to be a terminal illness in 999 out of 1000 cases ( although she appears to be beating the odds), I also value every family photo I take- we want to make sure our kids will have those memories forever. Those will be on drives given to our kids.

I should also add, that often after one of our more significant vacation trips, we will have a couple of books made up of photographs from the trip.... Especially if we're traveling with grandparents or relatives, will make those books and distribute them to each family on the trip with us.

Once I am gone many decades from now I don't expect that my kids will be interested in going through tens of thousands of photos, so the remainder of my photos will likely die with me.

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mamallama Forum Pro • Posts: 59,107
Re: What do you do with your photos?

The world has a glut of photographs; everybody with a camera or smartphone has thousands if not tens of thousands. Luckily no one is trying to print a large portion of them.

In my case I store them on DAM organized files on several external hard drives attached to networked computers and use them for various occasions like in sharing, communications and documents. Sometimes I will print special ones to display in my office and den.

Those with family historical value (defined as family photographs taken before every family member has his/her own camera or smartphone and take more photographs of family events than I do) have been used in a family archive document that I have given to younger family members. Therefore they have a chance to survive for future generations.

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Leica Eye
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Re: What do you do with your photos?

Every Jan 1st, I start a new Ext HD (photos) - last years is dated and stored, opened on rare occasions.... Mac Photos gives me dates etc..    L

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YWG Contributing Member • Posts: 898
Re: What do you do with your photos?

Most go onto hard drive only to be dusted off when someone I know has a birthday and I want to send a more personalized congrats...or someone dies and we share memories.

Photos of the kids go to relatives and grandparents. Some of them filter their way onto social media. Rarely, we print some off for the wall.

Weddings I don't do anything high end and let the clients figure out books, printing. Events at work I just do a quick edit and send it over to public affairs. Sometimes they will make it to the social media but regardless, I got paid. I retain the overall files but have urged work to make a more robust storage.

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Chizuka Contributing Member • Posts: 870
Re: What do you do with your photos?

I take thousands and thousands of pictures every year and i post about 4 a week on 500px.

i use them as a background on my computer, laptop and ipad (different ones for each), one for lock screen and one for background. I change pictures every few days.

i use some to make calendars for family members and I make greeting cards for my personal use. In pre-Covid days, we got together with friends 3 or 4 times a year to show travel pictures from everyone.

I do wonder at times why I keep taking pictures, especially when the subjects repeat themselves yearly, like flowers in my garden, but it is a meditative hobby that allows me to focus on the NOW and to enjoy nature while out taking pictures.

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For any sizable amount of photos from a shooting session (says  shots from a trip), I shall arrange them into a slideshow, compile them into a video.

I can then play it back easily on my TV to remind me my happy time. It can also be shared better with more people together rather than I watch them on my computer monitor alone. 🤗

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** Please feel free to download the original image I posted here and edit it as you like **

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David Pavlich
David Pavlich Veteran Member • Posts: 4,470
Re: What do you do with your photos?

My better shots are printed.  I have a bunch in my home and cycle through them to display in my home.  I print my own and make my frames.

I also sell prints.

As far as storing them, I keep a lot but I get rid of a LOT more.  I poke through them every 6 months or so to keep the numbers down.


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Maine-iac Junior Member • Posts: 46
Re: What do you do with your photos?

99+% of the reason I photograph is therapy. I just like photographing things, a lot of times from and angle or perspective no one else sees. I've been taking pictures for ... a long time. my 1st camera was a brownie hawkeye back in the '60's. I got my 1st Canon (a TLq I think) in 1970. when it's out nice I wander around taking photos of whatever, when it's nasty out (like today) I put one of my macro lenses on and get up close and personnel with, again, whatever. Usually 1x - 5x photo of a flower or a piece of rock / crystal in my collection

for what I do with the prints, almost every sq inch of every wall in my condo/apartment is filled with pictures that I cycle thru.

I also live in a 62+ community and have been given an area in the common room to display pictures I have taken of area wildlife / flowers / whatever for others to enjoy. I also volunteer with several area human shelters and photograph the animals and events they have to aid in getting the animals adopted. I print the animal photos on greeting cards for the shelter to send as a thank you to the people who adopted.

so for me, the purpose is the  enjoyment of taking the photo and the post processing. Be it in a darkroom back in the day, or my computer and printer today. And less the finished product.

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nhr5005 New Member • Posts: 16
Re: What do you do with your photos?

Same dilemma, I wonder what to do with mine. I enjoy looking at them and what goes into taking the actual photo. I tend to ride my bike around the city to capture photos, so it involves extra dedication to wake up early for sunrise shots where I have to allow the extra time to bike to the destination.

I do have an Instagram and share fairly often, but certainly don't have that many followers or get that many likes. I wish there was a better way to share than the rat race of being a youtuber or instagram "influencer"...it's exhausting trying to post something every day.

I'd like to print more, but I'd quickly run out of wall space!

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EOS GUY Senior Member • Posts: 4,169
Re: What do you do with your photos?

Been shooting a book for 6 years.

Feedback etc on here, also at a local community art group, also did an MA in photography and got great feedback and encouragement (though left before completion as didn't think I could learn much from it for what I do and for free felt I could teach myself and wanted to mature more slowly anyhow)

Plan is to set up IG account properly well sequenced, set up my own website where people can buy prints, set up Saatchi gallery and account for ditto, an exhibition of larger prints at a local art centre that has a gallery, then do a big fly posting / ad campaign where I laminate and stick some of my photos at the places where I took them with my IG, Website, exhibition etc details on for publicity. Then there' s a youtube guy who is really good at showcasing, interviewing and publicising the type of photography I do and I'll try to contact him and try to get an interview.

Hardest part I find is sequencing. Without that the above will never happen... I have all the good 'besties' selected but sequencing them..... well it's the real finishing touch after the shooting, post processing and selecting, it really is as important

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pocoloco Senior Member • Posts: 2,988
Re: What do you do with your photos?

I have some on Flickr that I occasionally share. I post on Instagram. And I enter a contest now and then. Of course... I on occassion print for friends and family... or for myself.

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JoeSchmoe007 Regular Member • Posts: 285
What did you use to make this video?

What did you use to make this video?

Krusty79 Senior Member • Posts: 2,255
Re: What do you do with your photos?

I post my better landscape and wildlife shots to Flickr and will often share them here on DPS. I have a few prints, but I would like to start printing more of them.

My photos will probably die with me, but in case anyone is interested in them after I pass, I should create a "best of" folder so someone doesn't have to try to go through hundreds of folders looking for my best shots. Or make some photo books and pass them out to my nieces and nephews.

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rsoud Senior Member • Posts: 1,903
Re: What do you do with your photos?

I have a group of people I follow on facebook and instagram whose photos are viewed with interest.  One can pick areas of interest and the people who share similar images and themes.

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BruceB609 Contributing Member • Posts: 608
Re: What do you do with your photos?

I have loaded shelves of many film ring binders but after selling my Leitz IIc enlarger for Nikon film scanners I thought it was realistic that I could browse digitals and keep it pretty well organized. That was when technology approached me with digital cameras. Reality has since overwhelmed me with so many thousands of images. All I can say is that my practice of rating image files makes it a tiny bit easier but at this point, a shot taken ten years ago can make me even wonder if it's mine, where it was taken or if senility is on its way in.

I have another problem though. I am also an artist, a painter and even the worst, ugliest, most pitiful image stored on the external drive may be the perfect idea for a future painting. Alas! I trash nothing.

I think it's time to look for better archiving software which could be more valuable than PS itself. I think Adobe Bridge is little more than sticking my toe in the shallow end.

So far, I create chronological order folders with a subject or place title hint. I need something better.

Honestly, I think camera firmware could help with category tags. If cameras can recognize subjects by now, then it would be nice in the EXIF.

Any photo organizing or image search suggestions?

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Vunite Contributing Member • Posts: 712
Re: What do you do with your photos?

Rob J wrote:

There is only so much wall space, so not many get hung for display.

You can consider the wallspace of other people. Some might like your photos? What's more satisfying, than someone else liking your work to a point they're willing to see it every day?

jefmcc Regular Member • Posts: 178
Re: What do you do with your photos?

I post them here in this thread

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pocoloco Senior Member • Posts: 2,988
Re: What do you do with your photos?

jefmcc wrote:

I post them here in this thread

Of course... forgot about that option

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stratman1976 Contributing Member • Posts: 978
Re: What do you do with your photos?

Every year we make a 50-60 page album with the highlights of that year. There’s definitely not enough wall space.

which reminds me, I am 2 years behind on that!

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