Sony A7SIII - IBIS - Camera start up and off sound

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James_1987 New Member • Posts: 1
Sony A7SIII - IBIS - Camera start up and off sound

Testing out my new a7s3 and the startup sensor kick sound is 10x louder than my a7s2 bodies. No doubt the ibis system kicking on/off but my question is this the normal sound for the A7s3?

All the ILCE-7SM3 sensors (images online/youtube) I've seen are visibly tilted when resting in the off position. Other models sit flush. Guessing this might be the result of the new gyro system?

I'm just surprised by how loud it is and the feel of the clunk.. The combination has me posting here lol..Just want to make sure It's good out of the box and covid times make it hard to meet up and compare.

Otherwise, it performs incredibly. Let me know what you all think!

Video of the sound

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