Photokina lives threescore and ten but no longer

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Photokina lives threescore and ten but no longer

One of the world's major photography trade fairs, Photokina, has said goodbye and thanked its visitors for coming along to Cologne in Germany every two years since 1950.

In the customer email (also on the website below) I read

"Even before the coronavirus pandemic began, the imaging market was already subject to strong upheaval, with annual percentage declines in the double digits. The momentum in this direction intensified massively in 2020, most recently reporting a decline in the 50-percent range. Within photokina, these market shifts grew very noticeable in the recent past. Conceptual changes, too, such as the inclusion of the smartphone and new imaging technologies, along with a change of cycle and a schedule change, were not enough to compensate for the downturn in the numbers and marketing budgets of exhibitors owing to consolidation of the classic market."

Nothing to do with Olympus ? Of course it does. Olympus is one of those loyal exhibitors who was never going to attend again - and I was never going to be able to get three Olympus cameras cleaned for free on every visit.....


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Re: Photokina lives threescore and ten but no longer

Just another instance where Warren Buffett, who said, "Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked," is proven right.  In this case Covid-19 is that tsunami tide that draws back before viciously coming in.  Lots of hurt for those of us who love photography.

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~~~ Kim

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Re: Photokina lives threescore and ten but no longer

I wonder how long it will be before photography equipment ends up next to the "notions" in craft stores.

Isn't the big elephant in the room really the internet? Since the late 90s, by the time Photokina rolled around, most manufacturers had already introduced their products online. Essentially this made trade-shows obsolete. Individual products aren't waiting for trade shows to launch.

Digital photography had a phenomenal run of 20+ years as a new thing. It basically killed an entrenched business model (film-developing-printing) and now that everyone has the best camera (the one you have with you) it's retrenching back to the days like the late 80s or early 90s when SLRs actually sat on dusty shelves while consumers bought smaller devices.

Our cameras will keep working though.  Have fun!

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Craig from Nevada
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Re: Photokina lives threescore and ten but no longer

Tough for to justify the expense of a booth and exhibit space these--pre-pandemic included.

70 years is a heck of a run.

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