Help need a new background!

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Re: Help need a new background!

RayGuselli wrote:

Thank you Mikes....
I think you have nailed it when you describe keeping tones right etc...excellent work indeed.
I must try topaz again...I have it but always use Photoshop.....must give it a try...
Very best wishes and thanks again...appreciated...


I have not had time to play with this particular image. I have found that the new Topaz AI does a pretty decent job on a lot of images. But when it comes to photos like this - fly away hair where the colors are similar to the background - the older more manual Topaz ReMask works the best, imo. You can fine tune a color brush to keep or remove certain colors. It is a fair amount of work, but works the best. Mask AI is supposed to do this, but I don't think they have gotten it there yet.

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Re: Help need a new background!

Thank you Jim
I think Mikes and Patsy as well as others have done amazing extractions...
I have Topaz remask but never use it...I think time to start looking and seeing what it can do in these situations....
Appreciate your kind help and send best wishes as always
Best wishes


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