Noise reduction in DPP on R5 files

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Noise reduction in DPP on R5 files

While patiently waiting for my ordered R5 to arrive, I opened some of the available R5 raw files in the latest version of Canon's DPP.

Those familiar with DPP know that it applies the original camera settings upon opening a raw file and that includes the noise reduction. From what I gather, DPP applies the same noise reduction algorithm as is done in camera, and this algorithm can be different from camera to camera - probably linked to the Digic version in the camera.

What I noticed specifically on ISO 100 R5 files is that the applied noise reduction is more aggressive than for previous cameras (I'm comparing with 5dIII, 5dIV, R and 5DSR, and viewing at 100%). The default setting of 2 for luminance noise and 2 for chroma noise appears to destroy and smear quite some details. This is still the case if you lower them to 1. Surprisingly, if you lower them to 0 (no noise reduction) there appears quite a bit more noise in the R5 files than what I'm used to see in R or 5DSR files with NR switched off.

To point you to some examples (not including the files since they are not mine):

  • Take e.g. this image from DPR's R5 samples. On the bulletin board, look at the wood at the right side next to the paper sheet. Quite some detail is gone and reappears (together with more noise than expected) if you switch NR off.
  • A forum member posted access to some raw files in this thread . If you download file 042A5620 then process in DPP with and without default NR, you notice that NR is being overly aggressive in the girl's forehead.
  • Petapixel posted examples of R vs R5 taken of the same subject and at the same time. If you download and look at some of the ISO 100 matching raw files in DPP (;you need to switch DLO equal in both as they missed setting this equal in both cameras) and turn NR off on both, the R5 file appears to be more noisy.

I'm not sure what to conclude from this. The NR setting for R5 files does seem to be not gradual enough. The R5 files do look a bit more noisy, but we don't know what else is going on behind the scenes in DPP (e.g. NR set to 0 for R files could mean there is still some basic NR applied while for R5 nothing is applied at the 0 setting).

Any thoughts?

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Adam2 Veteran Member • Posts: 7,103
Re: Noise reduction in DPP on R5 files

Yes, my thought is dpp s-cks and when I had to use it I turned all of the sharpening and NR off and then processed the image in Topaz denoise AI.

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