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Helicon Focus Advice


I downloaded Helicon Focus software to stack images for macro photography. It works well, and I like using it. However, I've since become aware that Helicon Soft is based in Urkraine. Does a Ukrainian based company represent a security risk for American users? A little xenophobic I realize but better safe than sorry.



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Re: Helicon Focus Advice

Sorry, can't address the security risk issue. However, I have always been very pleased with Helicon's customer service.  If this keeps you up at night then just use Zerene. Zerene's customer service is also fantastic.

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Re: Helicon Focus Advice

What risk are you afraid of? You can block it from any network access. You can also virus scan it. If you have a technical background you can log every memory access and file changes it makes.

I have 0 concern, personally.

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