Best Cameras for Videographers (DPReview): the S1H, But...

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Best Cameras for Videographers (DPReview): the S1H, But...

Here are the reasons given by DPReview for their pick:

"The S1H’s stills-camera looks disguise one of the most video-centric stills/video cameras we’ve ever encountered. Its capture options are diverse: 10-bit 4:2:2 4K at up to 30p from the full sensor area or 60p from a Super 35 crop, with open-gate and Anamorphic support or 5.9K Raw output, but it’s the other features that make it our pick.

Features such as waveforms and vector scopes, shutter angle operation, dual zebra displays and the same V-Log profile as Panasonic’s VariCam pro cinema cameras make it a tool that can slot into professional working environments with minimal workarounds."

The problem is the Panasonic S5 (with firmware 2.0) has the exact same features and capabilities and the same sensor. And it is cheaper and smaller. The key difference is only that the S1H has an all-I mode for video, but that is not mentioned as among the reasons for the choice.

The S5 was not even considered as an alternative, and this article was released one day after the firmware 2.0 release, which DPReview was fully aware of (they announced it).

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Re: Best Cameras for Videographers (DPReview): the S1H, But...

It takes more than a day to plan, shoot, edit, colour code a video.*  write, edit, publish an article. I think it is _good_ they go on what is the state of things as released, rather than what is announced, when writing these.

(*My bad, thought it said DPReview TV up there initially.)

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Re: Best Cameras for Videographers (DPReview): the S1H, But...

Can't speak for the people at dpreview. They may have written the article some time back and only just published it recently.

Yes, the S5 makes it pretty difficult for most people to justify buying an S1H. I guess if you want to shoot a Netflix ORIGINAL* series, then you are going to need an S1H. Maybe that will change with the ability to export 5.9K ProRes RAW from the S5???

Dpreview probably also gave some consideration to the recording limit in 10-bit on the S5 . And as LuxShots pointed out, the data rate for high speed recording on the S5 (and the S1) is pretty low, and is not as good in quality as the high speed rates in the S5.

I know a lot of people won't care about those difference, but I guess those people who are shooting video for a living MIGHT care about them.

*For those who don't understand the netflix requirements, if you are going to be shooting for netflix in which Netflix will be doing the ones editing and coloring the video, it has to match certain format requirements. I think one requirement is that it it is ALL-I. If, on the other hand, you have a completed project and just want to sell it to netflix, I don't know if their requirements are so stringent.

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