Struggling with Fujifilm autumn white balance

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Struggling with Fujifilm autumn white balance


I've noticed since moving to Fuji the white balance is often cooler than my old Canon, which i sometimes like. However when yesterday walking through shaded woodlands with coloured leaves and intermittent sun, i'm struggling. The WB on the Fuji on shots I took was very cold, but in front of me i could see warm tones from the sun. I warmed it up a bit in camera. However for some shots when the sun was beaming, it became too warm. I find the Fuji auto WB a bit cold and therefore requires adjusting, which is a bit annoying. In reality the sun = warm, without sun, =cold. The Fuji tries to make everything cold!

I shot raw, so its not end of the world. I now have the issue of choosing my WB in lightroom. The lightroom auto isn't amazing most of the time, but does a decent job.

I don't feel the white balance dropper tool is useful, but perhaps I misunderstand it. You are supposed to select a neutral part and use that as the base. However, under low autumn yellow sunlight, even the most neutral colour will warm up and look warmer. If you use the dropper tool, it makes this the "zero point" for want of a better phrase and can overly cool the image.

The light was changing every 5 minutes (sun with clouds/trees obscuring). In lightroom i struggle therefore to judge. An image may look lovely colder with a reflection, and also very nice much warmer. But which is correct and the one to use? I know artistic flair could be used, but i like to be accurate!

I've also noticed that different colour profiles react differently in LR, particularly with auto. So for example, adobe profiles react better to the auto tone button. The Fuji provia profile when applied on import in lightroom matches really well the camera SOOC provia - but if you apply auto tone in LR, it goes massively overly bright and saturated.

Does anyone have any tips for judging this right in an autumn shoot with very changeable lighting?

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Re: Struggling with Fujifilm autumn white balance

Perhaps you are looking for Auto WB shift.

After selecting Auto in the WB menu, you can dial in a shift away from the 'zero point' you stated. This effectively tells the camera, "whatever WB you determine, make it slightly warmer."

It's really in for film simulation recipes, to boot.

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Re: Struggling with Fujifilm autumn white balance

Omar's public service announcement to turn off auto WB

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Re: Struggling with Fujifilm autumn white balance

I always shoot Auto-WB and tweak it in post. If I was a jpeg guy I’d probably make a custom Auto-WB shift preset for the woods which always skews cool and magenta.

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