Send in my 16-55 or not?

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Send in my 16-55 or not?

Ever since I drove off with my camera on the roof of my car, I've been wary of the performance of my beloved 16-55, which I've owned for two years. It was the lens attached to my camera that fateful night. I wound up sending my camera in to have the top plate replaced but my 16-55 never got a looking over.

Cosmetically speaking, the 16-55 escaped the incident without a scuff. The lens hood was loosened and that's about it -- it now comes off very easily when it erstwhile had taken a herculean effort to remove. The lens has still provided me with cherished images ever since but I'm of the mind the photos have lost a bit of pop. It could very well just be in my head, because, if there's a difference, it's awfully subtle.

I tested the 16-55 against my new 55-200. The 55-200 is longer at 55mm but I was still able to compare them. The 55-200 seems a touch sharper and more contrasty. Granted, it's very close and I only can discern any small difference at 1:1.

I called Fujifilm today and the rep told me a computer would test the lens and correct any issue. Does this ring true to anyone else's experience? On the surface, it seems like it would be an involved process to correct a problem if the elements were knocked out of alignment but what do I know?

I guess it can't hurt to send it in for evaluation but anyone care to weigh in?


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Re: Send in my 16-55 or not?

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.  My only suggestion would be to get a quote prior to sending it, or at least a ball park on what it might cost so you can evaluate whether you feel it is a worthwhile effort.

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Re: Send in my 16-55 or not?

Better to be safe than to continually wonder if the lens is up to par.

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Re: Send in my 16-55 or not?


It's amazing the lens survived unscathed!

It would pay to find out the cost of the service of having it 'checked out on the computer'.  If it's cheap, maybe go ahead.  However, if you're posting it,  you would have to accept the risk of the lens being bumped in transit on the way there or back.  And if it does need internal repairs, you'd have to accept the quality of the work and reassembly.  And cost.

Why not check it yourself first?  Do a brick wall test.  Or some other detailed scene that doesn't have DOF issues.  Take a few images at say four or five FLs and through the aperture range at each FL.  Pixel peep at each aperture at 100% and then 200%.  Observe how it changes.  Shoot a few different objects using AF at different distances to check AF accuracy.  You'll quickly see de-centering or major mis-alignments, exposure accuracy, whether the AF is spot on, etc.  You don't have to send the lens anywhere and it's free.

Cheers, Rod

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Re: Send in my 16-55 or not?

Man - why are you hesitating, just send it in?  This is the best lens on the planet and is permanently glued to my X-H1.  I love this lens to bits.  After 4 years hard use my rubbers are looking horrible and after too many dirt bike races and dusty desert rallies, the manual focus ring sounds a little gritty.  I'm going to send mine in soon and have full confidence it will come back better than ever!

I did something to my beloved 90mm last year (I shoot everything on these two lenses now).  all photos from it were horribly overexposed and unusable.  I sent it to Fuji Australia and they were fantastic.  Great communication and packaging.  My lens came back beautifully clean inside, and they said they replaced the 'iris'.  My photos from that lens are equally as sharp as when brand new - zero difference.  That's after a complete strip down.  It was only around 300 bucks - much better than the $1,600 here in Australia for a new one.

Have confidence and give your 'brick' a new lease on life!!


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Re: Send in my 16-55 or not?

Thank you everyone for the advice! I sent it in. According to the tech, the evaluation is free of charge. I'm of the mind, they won't find anything wrong with it. The parameters for what would qualify as a good lens may be pronounced.

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