New Lightroom and Photoshop released today

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Re: PS Sky replacement

I hear you. I don't share much on social media, but sometimes I send photos to friends/family or occasionally post here. I am attempting to work up my skills and might donate some prints to silent auctions or something once the pandemic ends.

I had tried sky replace on photoshop before, but it was too technical and I wasn't having fun. Photography is just a fun hobby for me, so I set aside the idea of sky replacement. But with this new feature, I could easily merge two photos I've taken without unwanted stress.

But my ability to easily engage in "Sky Replacement" raises all sorts of interesting questions. When is it improper? Does it still constitute photography / when does it stop being photography and some other type of media? Evaluating these questions interests me almost as much as the ability to engage in sky replacement.

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Re: New Lightroom and Photoshop released today

problem solved.  It seems like Adobe did not like my VPN.  It's odd because it never caused an issue before.

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Re: New Lightroom and Photoshop released today

Panorama merges seem to be much faster now in Lr, even with content aware fill added. Mine were ripping along faster than I ever recall, even when I was using bigger images than the last time I used v9.

The beta AI stuff is really fun to play with, btw. I probably won't use it tons, but it reminds me of some of the crazier presets I've used in LrC or at times Topaz. Sometimes fun to go nuts just to get ideas on where to go, then back off.

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Re: New Lightroom and Photoshop released today

Unfortunately zoom is screwed up in Library module of LR 10, at least on a 5k iMac. It is pixelated, so can't properly check for sharpness, (unless using Develop module, which is not the place for culling)

Zooming to check sharpness is an essential function.

Several threads on this in other forums.

I have reverted to LR 9.4

Chris Sargent
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Re: New Lightroom and Photoshop released today

Jim B (MSP) wrote:

Chris Sargent wrote:

I'm finding it a bit buggy.. like it was rushed out.

Which package are you finding buggy? And what OS?

And what are the bugs? Maybe the rest of us could check them out and see if it is the software, or perhaps a result of a specific hardware setup you have.

I also was surprised with some of these features as they feel like a dumbing down of the application IMO

IMO, for PS they are trying to expand the market to more non experts, as well as counter some competitive threats.

Apologies. I should have taken more time with my post. A lot of the initial issues experienced have not re-occurred.  I did see an annoying issue when first opening a RAW file. The open buttone were greyed out an I could not see why. It turned out that there was a dialogue box 'hiding' a screens width to the right and it was hard to shuffle the screens to get access to the 'accept' button. Since then it has not re-appeared.

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