Sensor damage due to overheating?

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Sensor damage due to overheating?


I have recently got a Fuji X-T4 and did some overheating tests in various 4k video modes. I repeatedly overheated the camera without a break to see where the limits for video shooting are.

I know that the auto-shutoff is a safety feature, but would it be possible that the sensor gets damaged if I keep it at the heat warning level for an extended amount of time? (changed the battery in between and filled up the cards, overheated it till shutoff and then immediately kept it at the warning level for more than 1-2 hours )

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Re: Sensor damage due to overheating?

Why not try it and report back what happens?

You could even post a Youtube video on it.

Except you probably couldn't use the Fuji to make the video.

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Re: Sensor damage due to overheating?

.... then I rephrase my beginner-questions:

.) Is there something like sensor "wear" through time or heat? I heard that temperature plays a roll in the noise created but could a worn/damaged sensor create more noise than in the beginning?

.) Is the thermal shut-off/warning mainly due to the processor or battery temperature or does the sensor itself gets too hot in the first place?

Thank you

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