Battery Order Question

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RoyAmatore Senior Member • Posts: 1,420
Battery Order Question

What are pros and cons of which battery to use first, MD-18 on regular battery?  Do I need both operating to get 9 FPS?  Any thoughts?

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Re: Battery Order Question

I always use the grip battery first, easier to change!

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PHXAZCRAIG Forum Pro • Posts: 16,873
Re: Battery Order Question

The default if grip battery first, which seems logical.   It's an easier battery to get to, so easier to recharge.  And if it is a big battery, you get more performance from the camera (in some cases more frame rate), and you'd want that as much as possible.

So it seems logical to use grip first.

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curve241 Forum Member • Posts: 69
Re: Battery Order Question

BackPacker1532 wrote:

I always use the grip battery first, easier to change!


JohnnyLuddite Senior Member • Posts: 1,309
Re: Battery Order Question

As well, when you remove the grip, you know the battery is as full as when you put it in, it's likely to be fully charged in the camera itself.

Using the battery in the grip also moves a small amount heat out of the main body, although this is more significant, I understand, for ML bodies.

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