Tough tg-6 in cold weather experience?

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Tough tg-6 in cold weather experience?

I am in Canada and it looks like the tg6 is rated for -10c. Anyone had it in a colder scenario? I gets colder than that where I live and I could end up taking it out in -15 or -20 if the sun is nice.

or would it just be a matter of putting it in a bag and let it de-condense like another camera?

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Re: Tough tg-6 in cold weather experience?


Used a TG-5 in Northern Finland with a temp of -20 / -28°C during hiking, dog sled riding and snow scooter trips with no problem.

My wife accidentally placed the camera on pure ice (table) during a dinner at the ice hotel, no problem either but I don't recommend to do that anyway.

Be sure to carry extra battery (-ies) close to your body.


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Enders Shadow
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Re: Tough tg-6 in cold weather experience?

I've used my TG-3 in those temperatures. The trick is to keep the camera warm. When not taking pictures, I put the camera in a interior coat pocket. The lower temperature range is mostly limited by the battery. It can't deliver the required current to operate the camera. I left my TG-3 in my day pack for several hours while out in -20°C conditions. It wouldn't power on until it warned up.

It wouldn't worry too much about special handling when going back inside. It's a waterproof camera. At most it will get condensation on its exterior surfaces. That can can be wiped off with a soft towel. But, if you plan to open one of the doors, definitely allows it to first warm up like you would for a normal camera.

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OP recklessrickftw Junior Member • Posts: 32
Re: Tough tg-6 in cold weather experience?

Well that's a pretty good test! Thanks for letting me know.

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