Scanner for old photos and slides?

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Re: I think I have decided on the V600 but?

No, this isn't PP software but rather high-performance scanning software:

You can of course use any PP prog' after you scan, but the quality of the scanning hardware and software is what makes the biggest difference.

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+1 for the Epson V600

I recently completed a large "COVID" scanning project - I started with my own negative collection. I decided early on not to bother with my flower, landscape and artsy pictures. I concentrated on images that my relatives and descendants might be interested in - mostly people pictures and pictures that might be have "historic" value. I then jumped into my Mom and Dad’s pictures - I excluded all travel snaps that did not include Mom, Dad or other relatives.

I scanned negatives and slides at 600dpi and prints (when I did not have the negatives) at 300 dpi. The software that is included with the V600 does an excellent job of reversing negatives and can sometimes fix old images with “color restoration”.  I did not bother with ICE, as I rarely saw any improvement and I didn't want to wait 2 minutes per frame. Note that my dpi values worked well on "snapshot" quality negatives and prints - YMMV.

Scanned negative from 1954

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Re: I think I have decided on the V600 but?

SC489 wrote:

Fishrman wrote:

I think I have decided to try the v600 but think the Silverthread software looks like something I would benefit from too. I found this site that makes it appear you can get it for free. Does anyone know whether or not this is legitimate?

The offer appears fine. You should be able to find a good discount to upgrade to AI Studio as I did.

I have NOT read all replies so this may (or may not) be helpful for you.

Several years ago when the Epson V700 Scanner was first announced I bought it for scanning my more than 50 years of Negatives and Slides.  It came with excellent Epson Scanning Software plus a low version of other scanning software for which I tried but did not get nearly the quality that I got with the Epson software.  Prior to the V700, I had the Epson 2400 scanner

I found that for scanning both Negatives and Slides that the Scanner and included software  produced excellent results.  Suggest you not assume that all scanners and software provide equal results -- such as comparing the current available models (V600 vs V800).  There are plenty reasons (regarding quality and doing the scans) for the difference in prices.  If (today) I was confronted with such a project, I definitely would want to get the best possible quality especially since there is such an enormous  commitment of overall time and effort to complete such a project.

The original quality of Negatives and Slides along with care of these over time is also important for good quality with less time for post processing the scanned images.

I managed to have two sets of holders for the different negative types plus the 2 1/4 slides which was very helpful to reduce overall scanning time.

Have fun with your project.

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Since the topic is scanner software...

Besides photos, I plan on using a scanner for newspaper and magazine articles.

Any specific software I should consider?

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Free update to SilverFast

Chris 222 wrote:

Patco wrote:

Fishrman wrote:

I think I have decided to try the v600 but think the Silverthread software looks like something I would benefit from too. I found this site that makes it appear you can get it for free. Does anyone know whether or not this is legitimate?

I have no experience with it, but the offer appears to be legitimate.
Bear in mind, however, that the offered "SE" version of Silverfast is their entry level software, "specifically designed for beginners", which may or may not meet your needs.
Personally, when I used an Epson scanner, I found the included software sufficient.
No harm trying it, though.

"SilverFast SE Scanner Software

SilverFast SE scanner software is specifically designed for beginners. The images benefit from the intelligent automatic functions that make the scan and imaging process so much easier."

Years ago I had that version of Silverfast which came with a scanner. It was so basic that I bought the "upgrade/update" for a steep price. Shortly after a friend recommended I try VueScan. I tested the Pro version and quickly bought it. Ever since that time the author has made major improvements (it's as powerful as anything if you take the time to use it), updated compatibility with just about all scanners (SF is tied to ONE machine) AND honored his word that it would truly be a LIFETIME purchase. Of the countless softwares I bought over the years that promised free lifetime upgrades, he is the only one to have done that.

If I had kept up with Silverfast's "upgrades" I could have bought a high-end scanner by now for the same money. Instead I have some superb software that works with all the scanners I've owned since.

VueScan sounds good, especially the upgrades !

Just as an information. Many years ago I bought a CanoScan 4200 that was accompanied with a free SilverFast. After some Windows upgrade the scanner didn't work any more, so I bought a new scanner, CanoScan 8600, that was also accompanied with a free SilverFast program. After updating to Windows 7 this newer scanner didn't longer work, and remained un-used for a few years.

Last year when I began to have more free time, I started to look at the matter more thoroughly, and found that there were Win 7 drivers in the net. So I got the CanoScan 8600 into operation again. (I then thoroughly cleaned the interior of the scanner).

My SilverFast program did NOT however work in Windows 7, so I started looking for other programs, like VueScan as a replacement. I however happened to look at the home page of SilverFast and there were information about (free) updates to older, purchased SilverFast programs.

My silverFast was a free program, that had accompanied a scanner, but I still applied for a (free) update, as I found a serial number in the SilverFast installation files. To my small surprise I received a new SilverFast program, suitable for Win7!! It wasn't the newest SilverFast program available, but still a program working well in Win7.

So the lesson I learned is that you might also get free SilverFast updates, as I did.      After updating my table top to Windows 10 my SilverFast is still going strong


I spent under 100 bucks for VueScan Pro. Like I said earlier, best software purchase I ever made.

Based on what I spend sending some films to a lab (APS which can't be scanned without highly specialized equipment) I realize that VueScan also saved me many thousands given how many slides, prints and films I scanned with it.

Hope this helps.

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