Any hope for an extender?

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Re: Any hope for an extender?

I'll let you know about the 100-500 when I receive it on Monday (currently in transit from Canon) - also contacted my Ziess contacts but they are in Germany so might not see anything soon

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Re: Restated: Any hope for an extender?

The reason that I would like this information is quite simple. I can shoot almost all oif my work at focal lengths less than 200mm, which makes the fabulous RF70-200 (and my EF versions before it) so good for me. But, a small percentage of my work- maybe 3%) was done with my previous EF100-400, when the occasional need arose. But, in order to switch to the R5 and the new RF lenses I now have, I sold my great 100-400. So, what to do? Well, I could probably get by, at a price that would match my usual professional needs, with a very high quality 1.4X extender, giving me a 280 mm (and cropping) for that small percentage of work. The RF 100-500 would be much better, maybe perfect, but I can't afford one more very costly lens right now. So, my choice would be an extender or some other cheap 3rd party EF or old Canon Canon EF lens with an adapter. For me, an extender would be a better solution: less money and less weight to carry.

Yes, I am well aware of the reason for placing elements closer to the sensor and the design choice to do that with the new mount aiding it, along with the more obvious elimination of the mirror box - how it can make better lenses easier to design or more exotic lens design possible. Yes, I know that you are probably trying to imply that a 1.4X or 2.0X extender that didn't then protrude into the lens because of the RF lens design leaving no room for it would have the immediate disadvantage of extending the distance to the sensor perhaps further than would be otherwise necessary. Nevertheless, in the spirit of necessity being the mother of invention, I'm hoping for a very good quality extender for my RF 70-200 lens.

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