Gigapixel AI

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engbert Veteran Member • Posts: 3,031
Gigapixel AI

The A9 sensor is 6,000 pixels wide. Here is a crop 200 pixels wide.

If you try to look at it on a large screen you see the pixels. Here is the same crop after Topaz Gigapixel AI. As well as making it about 800 pixels wide, it has brought out detail not visible in the original. ( The dimensions shown in this site do no match those in Lightroom.)  Be sure to click on them to see them full screen.)

The lens was the Sony 100-400 GM. Now of course it would be better to persuade the bird to come a bit closer, or to use a longer lens. But that is not always possible.

For some this new generation of software will reduce thee need for more expensive gear.

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Sony a9
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koushiro Forum Member • Posts: 78
Re: Gigapixel AI

Topaz has some pretty great products. I haven’t found much use for Gigapixel AI yet, but their denoise and sharpen programs are amazing. Especially Denoise AI, that stupid program works magic, I swear. Even though high ISOs look much better than they used to (especially on newer Sony cameras), Denoise AI makes me much more comfortable cranking the ISO up if I need a faster shutter speed.

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Adam Palmer Contributing Member • Posts: 652
Re: Gigapixel AI

Pretty impressive

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dv312 Veteran Member • Posts: 8,839
Re: Gigapixel AI

Its unbearable dog speed deters me from buying it

Maybe they 'll improve upon it on the next version, not unlike Denoise AI

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Re: Gigapixel AI

I haven’t used the gigapixel AI but bought and am using the denoise ai. The controls are almost identical to those in lightroom. I have found that lightroom is better with some images while denouse ai better for others. So i default to lr putting detail at 100 and then choosing the noise reduction to as small of an amount as possible.  It used to be that this was horrible but adobe has also improved their software.

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JerseySailor Regular Member • Posts: 464
Re: Gigapixel AI

I discovered Gigapixel AI back in early July, and it knocked my socks off.

Take a look at the 152 KB source file that I fed into it, and then at the 11.8 MB file that it produced.


152 KB Source File


11 MB resulting file after Gigapixel processing

Zoom in to see the difference.

That single test prompted me to convert the trial version to the paid version immediately.


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