This week with your Sony APS-C Mirrorless Camera 31/July/20

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swoe wrote:

These pictures are (almost) prime like with the 16MP 5T, because they were designed to work together perfectly with the 16-50 kit lens, especially at f8. I still own that combo, along with the 55-210, which also worked really well on the 5T. That is why the super small, well built, NEX cameras started putting Sony above and beyond all other APS-C cameras on the market, at that time.

Although I have not used the 5T or either kit lens since getting the a6300, 18-135, FE 70-300G, it took great pictures while I was using it with the both old kit lenses. Those two pictures below compare very well with any of the latest A6x00 cameras/lenses. Thanks for sharing these excellent pictures to show how well this combo works!

Got hold of a cheap nex 5t, seems the 16mp sony sensors had better/ more preferable to me colours than the 24mp i had in the a6500.

Also, as you said, the colors were really nice, IMO! I got my 5T/16-50 combo on Amazon for only $300 on a super good sale new, which got me started in the Sony APS-C format. There were no 1" sensor fixed lens cameras that could compare to it at that time, so I bought it, and glad I did.

Just think, you would need the a6100, a6400, a6600 with the 18-135 or 16-55 at 5 to 10 times the price to equal or beat those two pictures today. Wow, how things have changed, not to mention the size or weight.

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Re: Rainbow at night

This is lovely. Made me think about Isaac Newton and his genius mind right away. 
Newton rings. 
A bell.

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Re: Rainbow at night

SonyOB wrote:

This is lovely. Made me think about Isaac Newton and his genius mind right away.
Newton rings.
A bell.

Thanks for your kind words!

It came out a bit too dark. I have to do some post processing on it.

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Screaming Heads

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First Hole Logan River Golf Course

Was able to convince my wife to play this week (she plays about once a decade!!). We had a 7am tee time and the course was magical at that hour.

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