Memory card or camera ?

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Memory card or camera ?

Hi, I posted this on M4/3rds to no response so I thought I would try here. I have a 3mth old Pana G9, coupled with  a Sandisk Extreme Pro class 10 card. I was swapping between two cards ,I have a lesser quality Sandisk in slot 2. I want to use both cards and slots just to make sure everything is ok. All has been well for 3mths. The other day I had taken 75 shots with the better card in slot 1. reviewing what I had taken the day before I got the message cannot display this file come up with all the photos just a Blue square. I took a few more shots on the same card, they were fine. In the end I put the card in my PC they were all there.Put card back in camera, all there, everything ok now. So what was that, I've never had anything like it before. I phoned two dealers one said it was a card fault the other a camera fault. Thanks

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Re: Memory card or camera ?

If everything is back to normal now, there's no way to tell what exactly happened.

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Re: Memory card or camera ?

I thought I might have read your thread on M43 forum, but as it was a little too complicated for me to follow your problem (read it on my phone on my way back home), so had not responded to it.

Might I ask what were those 75 images? Would there be any AVCHD files, any 4K/6K photos files, any Post Focus files? There might be a chance certain index file(s) relating to these sort of special files might be collapsed such that G9 failed to play them back. While you read those files on computer, for unknown reasons those collapse places might be recovered such that G9 would be able to play those files back again.

Just a wild guess.

If I am you, I shall format the better card (I do not have preference to do formatting in-camera) for a fresh start. If you will encounter similar problem again, likely your card might have certain instability issue...

On another hand, try another card on Slot 1 to see would similar issue been happened. If not, likely not a camera problem.

I don't own a G9 (its size beats my purpose on using M43), but during the early time when it was launched, IIRC there were some discussions surrounding the compatibility of SD card. IIRC slower card than USH-II might see poor performance and certain Lexar USH-II cards are not (very) compatible to G9... Unlike my G85, although it is also an USH-II card compatible model, it works happily with USH-I U3 Class 10, or even just Class 8~10 SD cards...

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** Please feel free to download the original image I posted here and edit it as you like **

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If the files are all there, the camera must have had a delay in reading from the cards, which caused the error. Reading and writing from two different memory cards is not easy!

If the files were damaged or missing, then we can blame the memory card(s).

Not science, just an educated guess.

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Re: Memory card or camera ?

Thanks for the suggestions, firstly, everything is ok now.  The majority of the shots were me playing about with various sharpness settings while trying two different lenses, some were normal shots of family members.I did swap the cards over with the idea of working out whether it's a card slot or card problem, a friend has suggested through his own experience with a Nikon camera, that maybe I removed the card from my laptop before going through the Eject Card routine, that caused him a similar problem. A dealer suggested that if it happened again I should just turn the camera on and off but he thought it was probably a glitch because cameras are computers. I thought it might have been a common S D card or G9 problem but it seems not, which is good to know. I've got a 3 yr warranty, so time will tell I guess.

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Alex Ethridge
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The first thing I would try:

It being an intermittent problem that seemed to clear itself when moving it from camera to computer, the first thing I would do is clean the card's contacts with a pencil eraser, then wipe with denatured alcohol.  (Pencil erasers leave a residue of their own, thus the alcohol.)

I have done the same for the contacts in the camera, can't hurt (if you're careful).

Soft pencil erasers have a very mild abrasive in them and are perfect for cleaning electrical contacts.

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