SD message in M10 viewfinder

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Re: SD message in M10 viewfinder

eliehbk wrote:

Actually, if you read the thread till the end, you see that someone with an M10M is having the same problem. I am at a loss, and can’t fathom a luxury company that sells premium products, at premium prices, can ignore such a big, prevalent problem, and transfer the problem from one generation to the other, M10, M10P, M10M, etc...

Unfortunately, if you examine Leica’s track record from the M8 to today, you will find your experience of disappointment, and the presence of persistent systemic issues, are not so uncommon.


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Re: SD message in M10 viewfinder

eliehbk wrote:

Thank you so much. In order to reload the latest firmware, do I just download it again on the SD and upload it to the camera? Would the camera allow it since it has already the latest firmware?

I found this video for it.  Looks simple enough but doesn't say if it will not allow an update if you have the latest firmware already.

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Re: SD message in M10 viewfinder

I do not have an M10-

My M9 allowed me to reload firmware of the same version as was loaded into the camera. "Learned the hardway"- I had gotten the camera into a bad state, and the firmware reload cured the problem.

I would download the firmware to the SD card as given on the website for updating firmware, it is worth trying. If this does not fix the problem: I think it would be time to send back to Leica.

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