Share lockdown photo projects/ideas?

Started May 5, 2020 | Questions
ISQ1993 Regular Member • Posts: 292
Share lockdown photo projects/ideas?

Just thought it would be good to have a thread on fun projects/ideas people have for lockdown photography. Like many, I principally do street photography and thus am lacking a little in inspiration.

share your ideas below!

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Tuloom Veteran Member • Posts: 4,141
Re: Share lockdown photo projects/ideas?

CORONA, CAT & CONVERSE, an original Tuloom works.

Bob Tullis
Bob Tullis Forum Pro • Posts: 40,026
Re: Share lockdown photo projects/ideas?



Timelapse Macros?

Still Life with or w/o flash or other lighting techniques

Double Exposures

Short video clips, for material to learn how to edit/manipulate video clips.

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...Bob, Bovina NY
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sh0wtime Regular Member • Posts: 140
Re: Share lockdown photo projects/ideas?

On another forum i use we have chosen to find an older camera that we haven't used in a long time. Something like an old compact.
Take it out on your once a day, permitted walk & take a few shots.
There have been some quite good images so far

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markyboy81 Veteran Member • Posts: 4,477
Re: Share lockdown photo projects/ideas?

I'm trying to get my 5 year old son interested in photography and bought him a cheap second hand point and shoot with some manual controls.

It only arrived today but he seems to have got the hang of it. I'm not sure of the odds of it surviving til the weekend though!

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Donald B
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Re: Share lockdown photo projects/ideas?

After all these years I finally bought a FF camera a7r2 so having lots of fun just playing around with something different. Buying bits on line and building bits for my studio.


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Peter Del Veteran Member • Posts: 7,309
Re: Share lockdown photo projects/ideas?

Photograph it before eating it

Peter Del

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