Planning for my DSLR Future and I think it's the 7D Mark II

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Re: Planning for my DSLR Future and I think it's the 7D Mark II

What about 90D?

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Re: Planning for my DSLR Future and I think it's the 7D Mark II

I have had the 7DII since it was introduced. I'm using it as an allround camera for all kinds of stuff. Also including a little wildlife, bird and action photography, but it is not something I have specialized in.

Recently I got a case of "G.A.S", and purchased the 90D too. I guess I wanted to see what differences newer technology could do, and maybe I was also thinking that in some cases I could use the 90D and in other cases the 7DII depending on what kind of photography I was planning to do. It was a mistake. I rarely plan to do only one kind of photography, and carrying two bodies is too much when I also want a selection of lenses in my bag.

But my leanings was:

I like the size and the vary-angle screen.
I dislike it doesn't have my preferred AF Area modes (AF point expansion). On 90D I am actually "forced" to primarily use an AF-mode I had turned completely off on the 7DII because I never used it. It doesn't have gps (and the smartphone app "solution" is practically unusable). I often mistakenly press when trying to rotate the back quick control dial. I dislike high ISO results on the 32,5megapixels sensor (Also when downscaled to 20mp), I find it difficult to work with the high iso RAWs in post-processing.

I like it is just such a great tool if you want flexibility and (easy) control of everything. This also includes the AF point expansion modes which are my preferred modes in most cases. I like the results from the 20megapixels sensor, including low light. I greatly appreciate the builtin gps. Camera is big, but easy to operate (No problem using the back quick dial here).
I like less the weight and size of it. I don't need to have it build like a tank. A lighter 90D-sized body with vary-angle screen would be ideal for me.

As for AF-differences, I say if you can rely on eye/face detection for much of your photography, then 90D might be a hit. But if that is not something you imagine you will use much, then you might feel 90D are missing some important AF-modes or options that you will find on 7DII.

In the end I think it not only depends of what you are shooting, but also the way you like to shoot. But above are my experience with the 7DII and the most obvious alternative from Canon. For me, no doubt, 7DII is still the best Canon camera.

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