Mk Va & ND filter

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Mk Va & ND filter

How, and when, does the ND filter on the Mk Va kick in when shooting moving water. I've got my aperture set to the highest it will go, ISO at the lowest, and camera firmly nestled on a tripod.

What are the mechanics?

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Enders Shadow
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Re: Mk Va & ND filter

If you have it set to Auto, the ND filter will be used to help keep the aperture and shutter speed in a preferred range. Determining that range would take some experimentation. But basically you'd expect that would happen under bright lighting conditions.

Under the conditions you described (lens manually stopped down), I wouldn't expect the ND filter to activate. If you want to use the ND filter to force a longer shutter, it seems logical you'd want to manually enable it in the menu. I believe it's only a 3-stop filter.

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Re: Mk Va & ND filter

I haven't shot a MK VA but I assume the mechanics are the same as prior generations because that's been working. It sounds like you're in manual mode? If that's the case then it won't automatically engage, the camera assumes you have set the exposure you want. It does kick in if you have the camera in aperture priority and are shooting at an aperture too wide for it to calculate a correct exposure, even if it tries to set the shutter to max and the iso to min. In auto modes it's purely for achieving "correct" exposure given a set of inputs, not for effect.

If you are trying to engage it for effect in manual mode for a long exposure, you need to engage the ND manually via the menus. I setup my quick menu to have it as the first option for faster access.

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Re: Mk Va & ND filter

With my non-a V I found the Auto mode on the ND to be useless as it made lots of crazy decisions, so only use it manually...

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