New Use For D40 6MP : Super Resolution Stitched Photographs

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New Use For D40 6MP : Super Resolution Stitched Photographs

Most owners of the Nikon D40 praise the image quality  the CCD 6MP sensor of the D40 puts out - however at only 6MP the lack of resolution (as compared to modern 24MP Nikon DX cameras) can be a bit of a hindrance . *The solution : Super resolution panorama stitching . I'm not talking bout stitching hundreds of over lapping images into the gigapixel realm - just perhaps up to a dozen or so  overlapping images or so to give the 6MP D40 sensor a bit of a boost to up the resolution of the final image into the realm of a D850 (40+MP) . I have a low shutter count D40 with a 55mm - 200mm VRII that I believe will be ideal for the technique - has anybody tried doing what I describe here with a D40 or low MP DSLR that other than the low resolution you like the image quality ,  color rendition , etc. ? Thanks in advance for replies ...

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John Michael Winterbourne
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Re: New Use For D40 6MP : Super Resolution Stitched Photographs

Well, the D60 has 10MP but it does have a CCD sensor.  It wasn't so much the lack of resolution that led me to do this stitching job, it was just that I had a Dandelion chipped Series E 50/1.8 as my only lens at the time *, so I needed to stitch to get the whole view in.  Obviously I could have done a better job, but I think the gaps add to the charm.  Also - in my opinion - the time lapse thing also adds rather than takes away.

I think 3 across and 3 up and down.  End result is about 25 MP.  Cardiff.

I might have been able to get similar coverage with my Sigma 8-16, but I would have had to have swapped lenses and that would have taken most of the fun away.

* I had a whole bagful a few miles away, but that's a different story.

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Re: New Use For D40 6MP : Super Resolution Stitched Photographs

25MP for what you did seems about right ... I will try about 12 to 16 images creating a buffer all around to allow the software to do it's merge thing and still leave room to crop around the edges to even things up (under 50MP) . Beyond that then PC power , memory starts to be a factor  ... Triptych images would be another way to extend the apparent resolution of the 6MP D40 .

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