f-stop Loka vs new Mountain Series?

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f-stop Loka vs new Mountain Series?

This may be a little overdue, seeing as how the "new" mountain series isn't really that new anymore... and the loka is quite old. HOWEVER, I know there are a bunch that have had the loka, and surely some have upgraded to the newer/larger sizes.

I am unlikely to consider the Ajna just because I think size-wise it's really too similar to my Loka... but am definitely eyeing the Tilopa

So apart from 37L vs 50L, can anyone highlight some of the improvements/major changes between the bags? Some things on my mind:

- Similar backpackpanel - is it any more breathable? Hiking with mine in summer was tough!

- Is the harness system any better? At 50L I'm ALSO likely to load it up with more stuff, so that's an important consideration as well. The only bag I currently own bigger than my Loka is an Osprey 65L which is absolutely fantastic for carrying heavier loads for multi-day backpacking trips.

- My bag has standard side pockets, and so I could easily keep a water bottle in there and/or the feet of a tripod/hiking pole, etc. Seems there is no exposed sides now, but there are zippers? It seems like a more cumbersome pocket would love to hear thoughts on this?

Would really love to hear about anything that stood out good or bad going from the previous to current generation

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