Epson P800 suden profile shift ... help!

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Re: Epson P800 suden profile shift ... help! .... P600 too much magenta

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ken5678 wrote:

interesting, I've been having a potentially similar problem with a P600. I'm getting too much magenta in color prints, and a magenta tint in BW prints.

I've been printing the "8-channnel-printer" jpg's and the VLM is the only one that seems off. I've just replaced that cartridge and still getting the same issue.

(I use PS CS6, but have also used a completely separate computer with PS elements and had the same effect, so am concentrating on the printer itself).

Too much Magenta compared to .......?

Have you tried printing a known 'standard' image?

If the VLM is off (clogged?) it wouldn't be giving too much Magenta. Unless, perhaps the ink pigments have settled. have you tried (gently) shaking the ink carts?



thanks Phil,

once I thought I had a magenta bias, I reprinted same image I had printed several months earlier (with lots of white rocks). this confirmed the difference.

looking at prints from the 8-channel print, comparing my printer to a P600 at the local camera shop, at first, there were several colors that had a magenta tint. after trying some things including a new LK cartridge which was very recently replaced (same time as onset of issue maybe), and switching to matte setting, the only one I can see a difference in now is the VLM (about 60% used), so I replaced that one, with high hopes. no difference.

this morning, I went through the Red River advise again (which Jose uses in his video above) and that didn't help. and nozzle check print looks fine.

I then tried removing, gently shaking, and replacing all the ink cartridges. and the tint has dropped by over half ; its still there, but not as bad. ... the vivid magenta cartridge is about 60% used, so if nothing else, will replace that next. .... I guess I could shake it more, could it be a different color?

there was one more piece of information that was shared with me, which led to the solution.   if the print is too magenta,  then it could be the cyan cartridge with the problem  -- not enough pigment.

I took a very hard look at the marrutt 8 channel printouts I had and thought I noticed a very slight in the difference in the light cyan between my printer and the one from the local camera shop.  so I took this single cartridge out and shook it well for at least a solid minute or two.   this fixed the issue, no more magenta tint, and BW photo's look neutral.


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