Google photo now accepts .CR3 files

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Google photo now accepts .CR3 files

Just as a FYI, it seems like Google photos has added support for CR3 files. Out of the blue last night my computer synced my EOS-R photos onto Google photos. It had been there for months getting error messages when trying to upload those files but it did it automatically yesterday and is still syncing.

I thought it might be useful info as I use Google photo as one of my many backup/emergency services. I know it down samples them dramatically but if hell breaks lose and that's all I got I'll still be satisfied. Better that than nothing.


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rrc1967 Contributing Member • Posts: 839
Re: Google photo now accepts .CR3 files


now if only Amazon Photos would follow.  I'm trying to decide to move 1.5 TB off of Amazon photos to go somewhere else, or just pony up and pay for Amazon storage because they don't support CR3s

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Re: Google photo now accepts .CR3 files

I shoot .CR3 files on my Canon m50 and Google Photos doesn't accept them at all. I'm using the latest Backup and Sync software for the desktop and it just skips over the files like they don't exist. Also, if I manually try to upload one of these .CR3 files to the Google Photos website, it complains that it "can't upload the item."  It doesn't matter whether I'm using C-RAW (compressed) or RAW .CR3 formats.

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