Red focusing flash stopped working on Canon 6D Mark ii

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Red focusing flash stopped working on Canon 6D Mark ii


Hey, guys.

This regarding the function of autofocus points flashing red to indicate focus locking in on Canon 6D Mark ii.

I do have it set to Enabled under 'C Fn II: Autofocus, 15'. And it did work by flashing red, to begin with. Yes, the whole panel of points flashing red is distracting (compared to a single point, as it used to be),u bI'd still rather have it on, as it helps me with focusing on the fly.

As of recently though, it stopped flashing red. Noww I'm shooting through viewfinder (so not in live mode), I can just see the little square icon of the central focus point, with no more red flash occurring during focus. I wonder what has changed. Could this actually be a malfunction? I suspect that it's more likely that some settings have gotten changed. But I can't work out which.

For your reference, I'm shooting through the viewfinder, using Ai Servo AF mode set to option 1 ('Initial AF point selected'), as set under C Fn II: Autofocus, 11'. I tried with it set to option 0 as well, which is just 'Auto'. Same thing both ways -- no more red flash, even though all the focus settings appear to be the same.

Any idea how to bring back the 'red flash' during focusing? Any suggestions are appreciated!


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Rabster64 Contributing Member • Posts: 530
Re: Red focusing flash stopped working on Canon 6D Mark ii

Hello Slavuta,

I think you may find the problem is because you are shooting in servo which is constantly re-assessing and focusing as long as you are following your subject. The red focus confirmation would constantly be on because the camera and lens would constantly be confirming you are in focus due to the way servo follows focus continuously, this would obviously irritate and distract and for those reasons I think it is disabled in servo focus. If you shoot on one shot or AI focus then you will find you once again have the red focus confirmation light working, I think that either may be the setting/s that you may have changed when you lost the confirmation light that you want to see.

Hope this helps.


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