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Re: First custom build

Photo Pete wrote:

Blimey. You mountain bikers are a different breed. When I used my insurance payout from being taken out by a car at the end of last year I was disappointed when my disc brake road bike weighed in at 7.4kg. I was hoping it would be lighter.

Nice build and isn’t it satisfying when you pick your own components!

Have Fun
Photo Pete

Yeah, but you're not bouncing your road bike down rock strewn tracks, over tree roots and drop offs, landing meter high jumps and the like   I've seen the roadies get all upset over hitting a pot hole and damaging stuff Like I wrote, I could still drop a bit of weight, I'm still running tubes, wire bead tyres, a 2x drive train, mostly steel cassette and 1 steel chain ring for starters. But you'll never ever get below about 10kg at a guess, without it being fragile. Good for straight cross country racing, not so much for a fun, tough and reliable trail bike. I reckon I've hit the sweet spot for versatility, price and weight. Ironically, I was training a bit for a 3 round 50km race series when I got hit, not sure if/when I'll manage to physically get back to where I was, but I'll give it a good go There's an over 55's class yes?

I'm astounded by how much of a beating the mountain bikes can take, and come back for more. I built this out of my own pocket, no insurance involved as my other bike wasn't damaged, (other than a few scratches on the pedals and bar ends) I took all the impact and spared the bike

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Re: First custom build

I custom built one a while ago.

Did not really turn out how I imagined to be honest so one of these days I will just get a Stromer and be done with it!

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Re: First custom build

windmillgolfer wrote:

Sounds like you’re lucky to still able ride a bike (and breath too). I despair at the carelessness of today’s drivers on a daily basis.

What’s the purpose of the fat tyres, presumably grip and comfort but they must quite inefficient from a rolling resistance viewpoint?

They're not really fat - they are generally known as mid-fat and form a decent compromise. You get a bit more comfort and grip (especially if you run them tubeless and at lower pressures), and don't have to deal with the cost, weight, complexity and maintenance of a rear suspension.

Also they don't look as naff as a fatbike

As to rolling resistance, generally you aren't having to keep up with a peleton on these bikes   Also the wheel diameter is effectively bigger, which also helps.

I have a 27.5+ hardtail and the difference off road compared to an 8 yr old 26" hardtail is a big deal; longer wheelbase, larger tires, slacker head angle all really make a difference over the kind of trails I ride on, and I'm not particularly discerning or into this stuff.

(Oh yeah, great for carrying m4/3 gear, too:-)  )

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