Auto Focus Tuning

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Auto Focus Tuning

The new AF firmware works great.  I've not seen much documentation on the additional impact  re: adjustments of Tracking sensitivity, Accel/decel tracking, and AF pt auto switching has on performance.  Any suggestions, or experience?

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Re: Auto Focus Tuning

TS set to negative. I set it to -2. If the AF point/s go off your subject AF will hang on and not refocus instantly on something else and give you time to reacquire your original subject. This includes your subject being obstructed momentarily by something else like a tree or another bird.

TS is positive. I set mine to + 2. The opposite of It being negative. System will immediately refocuses on another subject when AF point/s fall on it. The intent is that you are already focused on something else first. For example good for tracking two runners in a race, you are shooting both and are switching from one to another.

Increasing Accel/Decel. AF is more sensitive to objects moving to towards and away from you which includes abrupt stops/starts and increase/decrease in speed from a start point to a finish point.

AF switching is best suited for the zone AF modes. Increasing AF switching makes AF more sensitive to left, right, up and down movement. You will notice the AF points switch more quickly as the subject moves around the screen.

If you increase both Accel/Decel and AF switching front to back and left/right up/down erratic movement is covered. Good for erratic birds, etc.

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