A7R4 - example of pixel shift at macro scales

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A7R4 - example of pixel shift at macro scales

First - this is NOT a formal test. It's a quick, subjective look to see what benefits might be gained from pixel shift in a controlled, studio-macro environment. Answer: lots!!

An A7R4 and 90mm macro were sat on a desk with a silicon, chip wafer propped up in front. A single, flat-panel LED desk lamp provided the light and the camera was triggered with a wireless remote for each of the shots (or sequence of shots). The lens was not quite at minimum focus distance (1:1) and the resultant field of view is 37mm wide on the subject. This means each pixel of the 240MP image (19,000 pixels wide) covers a 2µm wide area on the subject (rounding). Double that (4µm) for the 61MP images.

The first image is the whole field of view that was shot. The second is a composite of 3 crops of images taken using the different shift methods (uploaded full size - it's big). The third is a 100% crop into the second for those who can't view original size (on phones). Note: the 61MP images were both up-sampled 2x to match the size of the 240MP image and therefore look worse than they normally would at 100% "original size".

The full 90mm macro shot

Composite of the different methods (view original size for pixel level details)

100% crop into the image above

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Re: A7R4 - example of pixel shift at macro scales

Thank you for the test. This looks very impressive!

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Re: A7R4 - example of pixel shift at macro scales

This is awesome.

I've been thinking about how the a7R IV with it's increased resolution and improved pixel shift would benefit my stacked macro at 5-10x.

It would add a lot of time to processing, however.

Though, I'm not sure if I'd be able to get any more detail out of my Laowa 5x and TC combo.

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Re: A7R4 - example of pixel shift at macro scales

Quite amazing! As opposed to the Panasonic S1r, which has an already impressive hires mode, it seems one gets actual 240mp in detail (or very close to that).

The downside is the extreme vulnerability to the slightest bit of motion in the object or in the camera.

Sony has a FF sensor with 102mp available. I wonder...... Well, one can always dream, right?

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Re: A7R4 - example of pixel shift at macro scales

Thank you! There is no substitute to seeing the real thing. Impressive!

I would be interested to see the same experiment at ISO 100 but 250 is not bad.

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