IS 108 MP in a phone valuable?

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IS 108 MP in a phone valuable?
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Re: IS 108 MP in a phone valuable?

Yea the article was very interesting.

I had found a quora post on this subject which was also quite interesting:

The Redmi note 8 pro and Realme XT have a 1/1.7" 64MP samsung sensor in them.

The Mate 30 pro that just launched has a 1/1.5" sensor in its primary camera.

So this HMX samsung sensor, which is estimated to be 1/1.33" looks pretty doable to me with a slight further increase in the camera bump, to 12mm maybe.

It might have a "7.2mm wide lens at f/1.3", might be able to resolve upto 60-70 megapixels prolly.

This could also help the zoom reach a lot. Theoretically giving 9x zoom (12mp*9 = 108mp). But even assuming it gives a solid 6x optical and 12x lossless zoom, that would be pretty amazing.

The Mi Mix 4 coming out within a few months is expected to have this sensor in it. So that would give a great idea as to what to expect.

I am quite excited about this, esp. for the zoom reach and much better low light performance. Phones like the Realme XT show quite a bit of more detail at 64MP. 108MP seems to stretch it, but with the strength of the pixel binning algorithm, I think it could do a great job. Prolly binning 4x4 27MP in bright light and even 9x9 12MP for low light pics.
Already in the Huawei Mate 30 pro with the 1/1.5" 40MP sensor they have achieved 51200 ISO for video recording and 409600 ISO for stills which is incredible. So the 108MP should push the bar even more, or even if it matches that, that is great.

Imagine if Google uses that sensor in its pixel 5 phone say. They have already been doing such a good job even with the tiny 1/2.55" 12MP sensor which they have been using for nearly 6 phones in a row now - N5X, N6P, P1, P2, P3, P4. Imagine how much more information would be there to work with. Even if it is a bit excessive.

Here's another post on reddit: It gives details about the binning algorithms and so on.

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