Pix for the Week Ending September 20th to 22nd, 2019

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Re: Great Western Woodlands

Really good pictures, I like them all.

These colors and the composition are first class. Very well done!

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Re: Great Western Woodlands

All great images and the last one is stunning!

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Re: Autumn = Bock Beer .......

SigmaChrome wrote:

Lovely shots, George.

The first two are quite stunning, with gorgeous lighting, colour and composition.

Thanks Vitée, much appreciated

The blackberries are a heavenly addition too. Also : I love fresh blackberries!

Me too! - and if you only photographs things you love you won't go far wrong!

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Joris1632 Senior Member • Posts: 2,544
Re: Red

D Cox wrote:

Joris1632 wrote:

Love the seasonality: it's been a very strange summer/ early autumn here, have you found the same?

Of course seasons are now controlled by the supermarkets ..........

The weather here has been very changeable, but it usually is. We did have four or five hot days back in the Summer, instead of the usual two.

We had longish periods of unusually hot weather. Seemed to affect the local flora less than than my avian neighbours ..

I think English weather makes more sense if you divide the seasons properly, with Midsummer Day as the middle day of Summer. It seems absurd to me to have Midsummer Day as the first day of Summer. Likewise for Midwinter: the shortest day must be the middle of Winter.

I love George Ellis' Twelve Months:-

Snowy, Flowy, Blowy, - Showery, Flowery, Bowery, - Hoppy, Croppy, Droppy, - Breezy, Sneezy, Freezy.

The beer in your still life shots is very tempting.

I think the bread in your first shot is a bit too near the edge -- not quite a tangent but nearly so.

Yes, -sloppy Spent a couple of hours doing a Scott 'comparison' , DP3M>sdQ> sdQ/ SFD. Conclusion? - enjoyable.

A link for more :- https://www.dpreview.com/galleries/9506308259/albums/bock-beer



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