Umbrella Octabox vs Shoot Through Octabox

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Umbrella Octabox vs Shoot Through Octabox

Not really sure if these are even what they are known as, but basically I broke out my speedlight last week and I got some great results, so ive invested in a couple of Godox 685N flashes and looking to add another modifier.

The godox umbrella octabox im looking at is one of these

Are these any better or worse than the usual shoot through Octabox and Softbox?

The standard octaboxes are significantly more expensive than these godox ones so just interested in what my options are really

I will be adding an AD200 or 400 at some point too

any cc on the example appreciated!

Already have a 24" Godox Softbox and a 32" shoot through umbrella. The softbox is a little small for me, and because the light is more controlled i dont like the hard edges of the light

Most of my shooting will be on location rather than indoors

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Re: Umbrella Octabox vs Shoot Through Octabox

I have a similar speedlite (the rechargeable battery one) and a 100 cm Godox speedlite, and it is a great combination.

I think that Godox is good value.


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Re: Umbrella Octabox vs Shoot Through Octabox

The difference between shoot through softboxes and reflective softboxes is that you can usually get more diffusion and more even coverage with shoot through softboxes. But that is usually a result of double or even triple diffusion panels in the softbox.

All that being said, there isn't much of a difference.

Also, the reflective softbox has it's own set of properties that you might find advantageous. You can skip the diffusion panels to get indirect light bouncing off the silver interior. This will produce a different looking than an uber-diffused softbox. Not better or worse. Just different.

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Re: Umbrella Octabox vs Shoot Through Octabox

The reason for using any diffuser is that you want soft evenly diffused light, light that is flattering in portraits since it reduces shadowing that emphasizes skin texture.

A good softbox will use double diffusion.

If the light is mounted outside and at the back there is usually an inner diffuser about half way between the back of the softbox and the diffuser at the front of the softbox. Some light passes through the inner diffuser before it hits the front diffuser. It also reflects light back onto the walls of the softbox where it can bounce around before reaching the front diffuser. The result is soft even diffuse light.

A softbox like the one you linked to bounces the light off the back of the softbox as the first diffusion. The second diffusion is provided by the front diffuser. The result is soft lighting but and slightly less even lighting. The light is also very slightly more specular, i.e. capable of producing shiny reflections.

If the interior was white instead of silver then you get more even lighting and less specularity. This is a white reflection umbrella with black backing and a sock. A perfect example of this is the Photek SOFTLIGHTER II Family.

If you use a hot-shoe flash inside an umbrella softbox be sure mount the flash as far from the back of the softbox as possible.  You should also set the flash zoom to the widest focal length setting and use the drop down wide angle diffusing panel.  The aim is for the flash to bounce off as much of the interior of the softbox as possible.

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