Missing longtime forum members

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Re: Missing longtime forum members

Thomas Mottl wrote:

Joe Wisniewski passed away, I think around 2011 or so when I remember correctly.

NarrBL is still on dpreview but on other forums I just saw some posts from him.


Do you mean Dominic Groß from Germany? I saw his last post when the SD1 with the ridicuolous price appeared.

Sandy changed System as far as I know. was it Pentax?

For Chunsum I lost contact, bu I think he changed System to Nikon around the SD14/SD15 area.

I think the endles comparisons are driving people away, this is going on since 2002.

Sigma shooters must somehow always defend their camera like M43 shooter are doing it. Very strange.

As this is a technical forum it is no place to show pictures so this might also drive people away. For most people here is image quality more important than picture quality, they do not see photography as a form as art, for them it is a technical playground.

And of course the limitations of the Foveon sensor can be very tiresome and let people change the system.

There are also many others like Günther Borgemeister, Olga Vasilikova, BobNL etc.

My 2 cents

Thank you for updates, Thomas.

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Re: Chunsum...

has gone fishing. Literally. His current passions center around kayak fishing, his boys baseball, and the occasional food post. He's on Twitter and Instagram...

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Re: Missing longtime forum members

adegroot wrote:

I am still here, but not as frequently as before. Too many posts still forever trying to compare Bayer vs. Foveon vs. Quattro, as if there is nothing better to do. Sorry to be so bold, but that's driving people away.

hear hear

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Re: Missing longtime forum members

SigmaChrome wrote:

DMillier wrote:

SigmaChrome wrote:

DMillier wrote:

SigmaChrome wrote:

BarrytheB wrote:

SigmaChrome wrote:

DMillier wrote:

Haven't heard from:

Zone 8 (Brian)





Joe Wisniewski

all long time posters, for quite a while. Probably a few others I have forgotten.

Anyone in contact with them or have any news?

Edit: Some more names

Just Looking

Chunsum Choi

Frits Thomson

Clive (NarrBl)



Erik Magnusson


I wish I knew what happened with Brian.

Frits Thomson passed away quite tragically a few years ago. RIP.

DaSigmaGuy, as far as I know, has moved on to other interests.

Ed Squires is still active on Facebook and so is Norm Hamilton.

That's all I can tell you.

Hate to hear about Frits always enjoyed his work.

I miss Frits' (Thomsen) work too.

Have a look at his FB page . Scroll down to October 2013. It's a sad tale.

Some folks have been asking FB to remove the page.

I sure miss some of the old humor, discussions and particularly the images

Me too.

I don't understand how to work FB. What am I looking for?

I don't know if you'll be able to view the page if you're not a Facebook member. If you are, or if you can view it, just scroll down through the posts till the dates read mm/dd/2013 and read them.

I see only one post, a link to Ines' website and thank you from Ines...

If you don't tell me whether you're FB member or not, how can I help you? OR maybe you can only see public posts?

When I am logged into my FaceBook account I can see a lot of his posts, but when I am not logged in I can not. I have a friend in common though, and that may be the difference. I think that on Facebook, when you make a post, you can limit the visibility to friends of friends, just friends, close friends, or private. Otherwise the post would be public. He may not have made many public posts (possibly just one?).

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Re: Missing longtime forum members

I don't know if you are including me, but for me life has moved on.

I still use the SD1 along with a Sony alpha 6000 for travel and less critical work, but retirement has meant that I no longer have the money to update my kit, so I have little interest in the newer cameras and lenses.

I also feel that the move away from Foveon and the improvements in CFA cameras have rather lost the original advantages of the Sigma brand.

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Lin Evans
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Re: Missing longtime forum members

In some ways, I miss the banter that we had years ago, but some who posted here were simply a thorn in the side of any who disagreed with their apparent agenda which was to show the problems with Foveon.

I remember a few such characters who were hung up on the color blotch issues even though they were incredibly easy to remove. It's tough when one posts a perfectly good image and some yahoo decided to pick it apart because they find a color they don't like or believe doesn't belong because they don't see that same "issue" with their Canikon or other equipment. It eventually leads people to stop posting images. Most who were constantly harping on such have moved on to other forums, but one can bet as soon as the next Sigma is released, they will be back ready to argue. Sigh...

Some of the old-timers have passed away, some have a family and life which is more important than arguing about cameras, lenses, etc. Some have health issues and such so the matrix changes with time.

I like to see images posted for the purpose of seeing wildlife, landscapes, etc., without having to dissect the image at 300%. I've long since gotten over comparing my Sigma images with my other myriad equipment. I simply choose the best tool for the job at hand and for pure image quality I still prefer my Sigmas. I just got my SD-10 out last night, charged six new rechargeable batteries for the grip, set the clock/calendar and am going out tomorrow and shoot some images with my old 80-400 OS and the SD10 for fun. Maybe I'll post a few here if they are worth the effort.

I'm enthused with the performance of Topaz AI Gigapixel with my Foveon files - it simply loves Foveon and does such a nice job that virtually ANY Foveon capture can be made large enough to print a huge 50 to 60-inch print. It also works well with my 12 megapixel Nikon D700 so, between those (all my SD models) and my DP2 Merrill, it may be fun to play with photography once again...


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