How to batch process Topaz DeNoise AI

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How to batch process Topaz DeNoise AI

Until they add this feature here is how you can do it if you have Photoshop.


First open the standalone version of Topaz DeNoise AI, choose File > Preferences, and enable Auto-detect noise and set controls.


Next install the plug-in in Photoshop. Open Photoshop, open an image, then choose Filter > Topaz Labs. If Topaz DeNoise AI is not listed then install the plug-in as follows.

The plug-in is an .8bf file and is in the following location:

C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs\Topaz DeNoise AI\PS_Plugins_x64

and must be copied to the following location:

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop ??\Plug-ins

Now close and open Photoshop, open an image, and choose Filter > Topaz Labs and Topaz DeNoise AI should be present in the menu.


Create an action to call Topaz DeNoise AI.

Open an image in PS and create a new action called IP_Topaz DeNoise AI. Start recording and choose Filter > Topaz Labs > Topaz DeNoise AI. Choose Apply, then stop recording the action.


Choose File > Scripts > Image Processor. A screen snapshot is shown below. Click on Original so you can read the fine print!

Then I run DxO PhotoLab I save images to the Desktop Output folder. That is why, in step 1, I select images from this folder. Steps 2 and 3, combined, will save results under Output\JPEG.


In the Actions palette, under Personal, I have created an action to call the Image Processor. Not really necessary, but makes things a bit more convenient. Following that I have two IP actions, one to create black borders, and another to denoise images.

You'll notice the light gray square in the DeNoise action. When enabled the action will stop after loading the image and you can make changes. You must leave this enabled so that the correct settings are automatically applied to each image. Otherwise it uses the same settings for all images. Just leave your cursor over the Apply button and press when appropriate.

To correct the images in your folder bring up the Image Processor, check that it will run your IP_Topaz DeNoise AI action (step 4, Preferences), and press the Run button. For each image in your folder the Image Processor will load the image, run the action that invokes Topaz DeNoise, and save the results in the JPEG folder.

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