Paying respect...

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sygnus21 Senior Member • Posts: 1,776
Paying respect...

It was announced last week in a few threads throughout this site that Olga Johnson passed away. I would have thought there'd be some kind of notice on her profile page thanking her for her service; especially since she was an active moderator.  Reviewing her page today there's nothing to indicate her passing.

Most sites I know of would place some type of notice as a sign or appreciation. Why not DPR? Is this standard policy?

Respectfully, sygnus21

RIP Olga Johnson.

stardotstar Veteran Member • Posts: 4,142
DPR is writing something, its in another post (nt)

No text.

OP sygnus21 Senior Member • Posts: 1,776
Re: Paying respect...

Yeah I saw a post in PC forums by Allison Johnson.  Nice post.

Allison Johnson
Allison Johnson dpreview Admin • Posts: 112
Re: Paying respect...

Thanks for bringing this up sygnus, we will discuss what might be an appropriate way to augment her profile page.

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