What did you shoot or post-process? (May 25 - May 31)

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clickclack Contributing Member • Posts: 832
What did you shoot or post-process? (May 25 - May 31)

And another week has passed!

Hoping to get soms shots tomorrow...

What did you shoot or post-process the past two weeks?

Any number of images is allowed. Any Nikon camera is allowed. Just stay nice to each other, as you would in real life

When quoting, please do not repeat the same images to avoid unnecessary scrolling.

Beginner or pro, doesn't matter. This thread is about enjoying photography and perhaps getting constructive feedback - never too late to learn.

kramp Senior Member • Posts: 2,632
Woodpecker and a warbler (May 25 - May 31)
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Mark_A Forum Pro • Posts: 14,683
Impressions from a regatta


Colin Franks
Colin Franks Senior Member • Posts: 1,633
Re: What did you shoot or post-process? (May 25 - May 31)

A bunch of birds as usual..

American Goldfinch

D850  /  500 f/4E   /  1.4III

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NCV Veteran Member • Posts: 9,040

In the very small hamlet of Villa Pasquali near Mantua (Mantova) in Italy, I came across this lovely Rococò church. It was built by an Architect called Bibiena who worked all over Europe in the late Eighteenth century.

The cupolas have a double layer, with a brickwork lattice in front of a painted ceiling.

The local volunteers who open the church to the public on Sunday afternoons are just pleased and proud that people come to see their church. They were kind enough to let me use a tripod to take most of these shots.

My new "old" €200 Ebay Nikon 28PC proved to be the best lens for the more "traditional" views. I had not used it indoors for this sort of shot before. I find the results much better than correcting Key stoning in post.

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Deepak Kaw
Deepak Kaw Senior Member • Posts: 2,155
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Steve Monks
Steve Monks Contributing Member • Posts: 537
Walla Crag

Disappointing light for my Lakeland hike on Saturday, but I'm quite pleased with these hand held stitched pano's from Walla Crag despite the flat and boring sky. Definitely one to return to when the light is a bit better.
Both shots D810 + Nikkor 28-70 f/2.8 at f/8.0. Edited in Lightroom 6.14.

Four shot landscape pano.

Five shot portrait pano.

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DeathArrow Senior Member • Posts: 1,052
Re: What did you shoot or post-process? (May 25 - May 31)


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Mark_A Forum Pro • Posts: 14,683
Re: Rococò

Blimey NCV, that is a very special interior.


OP clickclack Contributing Member • Posts: 832
Fotofair (Netherlands)

Photographic event of workshops, lectures, and salesmen

gnet158 Senior Member • Posts: 2,798
Bell Rock, Sedona AZ.

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I got to get out and shoot more.

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Ian Stuart Forsyth
Ian Stuart Forsyth Veteran Member • Posts: 3,544
House wren

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The Camera is only a tool, photography is deciding how to use it.
The hardest part about capturing wildlife is not the photographing portion; it’s getting them to sign a model release

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Giovanni_1968 Senior Member • Posts: 2,707
Re: What did you shoot or post-process? (May 25 - May 31)

I shot and edited Marco.

Marco is my age, for sure life has been tougher with him than with me, maybe also matter of choices but he sure shows scars

Please share your thoughts, I love to see you all works but also appreciate reading your feelings in front of an image

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Mark_A Forum Pro • Posts: 14,683
Unmistakable shapes ..


David Thornburg Regular Member • Posts: 175
Re: What did you shoot or post-process? (May 25 - May 31)

Two of several shot at an 'open house' at a remote archaeological dig in western New Mexico.

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David Thornburg
Pleasanton, NM, USA

RealVSK Regular Member • Posts: 211
Re: What did you shoot or post-process? (May 25 - May 31)

Nikon D850 at the Vessel in Hudson Yards and Empire State Building wearing the Colors from Domino Park in Brooklyn at the Williamsburg Bridge.

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