Great Beginners Bridge Camera

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Great Beginners Bridge Camera

This camera has given me the ability to take photos that I had no idea I could take. It was highly recommended by our local camera store manager. I was just looking for something to zoom onto nature but not spend a lot of money on a mirrorless camera. Their is also some great youtube videos provided to help learn the camera. The videos are posted by a photographer and not Panasonic. Not sure I can give out his name. I can even take photos of the moon with no tri-pod.

I had no idea I could take a photo like this, the camera did the work.

This photo has been my bragging photo at work.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300
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Announced: Jul 16, 2015
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Castaway Veteran Member • Posts: 4,555
Re: Great Beginners Bridge Camera

Good morning Ten.

The FZ300 is a great Camera Period. I have owned cameras over some 66 years and I still think that it is one of the best and most capable that I have ever owned.

It is capable of so many things although it does take a while to figure out all its features in order set set it up the way that will suit the things that you want it to do in the quickest most suitable manner.

One of the best on line resources for learning about those features is by Graham Houghton.

Graham also sells an e’book on the FZ300.

I don’t think that there is any problem with you adding a link to the YouTube videos that you have watched.

Good luck and enjoy your camera.

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Re: Great Beginners Bridge Camera

You've made a great choice and a good start! And believe me, the FZ300 is capable of much better - which will come with more experience.

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You learn something new every time you press the shutter

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Ramanan Padmanabhan Contributing Member • Posts: 643
Re: Great Beginners Bridge Camera

The versatility of Fz300 was well discussed here vide:



bill hansen Veteran Member • Posts: 9,805
Re: Great Beginners Bridge Camera

I'm still floundering around, trying to decide on a long zoom "fixed lens" camera. My ZS200 and my FZ1000 are both wonderful but they don't have the reach I need for birds and other wildlife. (I am not able to "zoom with my feet" as most people advocate.) The FZ300 is still on the list, but even with its f2.8 aperture and 600mm FL, I think it might not have the zoom I want. I find myself using equivalent focal lengths up to 1000mm and still cropping a little.

In all other respects, the FZ300 seems like a nearly perfect camera.

The thread to which Ramanan linked contains an excellent group of posts by some of the best FZ300 photographers on the DPR forum.

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Bill Hansen
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