Can the Z6 autofocus become as good as the A7m3 autofocus with the upcoming firmware update ? Locked

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Re: Can the Z6 autofocus become as good as the A7m3 autofocus with the upcoming firmware update ?

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I'm sure the updated firmware will provide some welcome improvements in AF-C performance, but I just don't see how a simple firmware update can magically close the AF performance gap between the Z and A cameras. That will require hardware/design changes.

How is the Z camera hardware inferior to the A camera hardware?

Z7 vs A7RIII? Off the top of my head...

- smaller buffer

- 3x longer shutter lag

Never heard of 3x longer shutter lag? Sources? I have not noticed any difference in shutter lag between a7rIII and z 7.

Z 7 turns on faster than a7rIII and is generally quicker in operation than a7rIII.

In my experience, neither a7rIII nor Z 7 is the first choice for shooting action, but both have adequate buffer and fps in their intended use. The difference is more of an issue if you compare them on paper.

Off to shoot with my Sony (really curious how the new firmware works out),

The Shutter lag of Z7 is:

ES: 108ms

EFCS: 63ms

MCS: 69ms

Jim measured the Sony, and his measurements show that the Sony is about 3x faster, though I asked him about those crazy fast figures and don't remember that I ever received an answer. Considering his measurements show that both the A7R3 and the A73 are actually slower than the Z7 when the mechanical shutter is used, it is strange that his measurements show the EFCS to be 3x faster than the Z7 EFCS.

The shutter lag was discussed here.

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Locked as the number of rule 6 issue posts doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon and OP has his answer

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